Layaway Love: 9 Signs He's Saving You For Later

Is it worth sacrificing potential relationships for the sake of convenience? Sometimes, it may be best to postpone certain things in life, but to what extent should you allow it to affect your connections with others? If you have established a strong bond with someone, but it doesn't seem to progress, they may be waiting for the right moment to fully commit. Are you currently experiencing this?

1. He Makes Excuses For Why You Can't Be Together Now

The justifications he provides seem quite persuasive. Perhaps he is relocating, planning extensive trips, or aiming to concentrate on his professional life. Although some of these rationales may hold merit, do you truly desire to be with an individual who only commits when it's convenient for them? Sustaining a long-term relationship necessitates both individuals to be present, even during arduous times.

2. He Tells You How Much You Mean To Him Without Actually Committing

The gentleman in question can be quite articulate and his words hold considerable significance. However, how much of his rhetoric does he actually follow through with? Words are easy to utter, but if you aspire to build a future with him, it's crucial to ensure that he invests more than mere verbal promises in the relationship.

3. He Keeps Tabs On You

He frequently views your Instagram stories, likes your pictures, and exhibits a genuine interest in your activities and future plans. In contrast to the guy who disappeared without explanation or the ex who gradually withdrew, you sense that he's consistently present and waiting in the wings for the perfect opportunity.

4. He's Not Over His Last Relationship

In the event that his previous relationship occurred recently or caused emotional distress, he might not be prepared to engage in another serious commitment. Nevertheless, this doesn't imply that he fails to recognize an exceptional partner when he encounters one. He performs just enough to maintain your interest, but simultaneously highlights past negative breakups or traumatic relationship experiences each time it appears to be growing more intense.

5. He Talks A Lot About Timing

Timing is a perplexing notion. Although it can significantly influence the outcome of any undertaking, it shouldn't entirely control all of your choices. After all, life is a perpetual evolution—situations are perpetually fluctuating, and it's impossible to predict everything. Therefore, think about this before utilizing bad timing as a legitimate excuse to refrain from making a commitment.

6. He Stays In Touch Even When It Makes More Sense Not To

Even if both of you lead busy lives or reside far apart, he endeavors to maintain open communication. Additionally, he ensures that he frequently appears in person to sustain your bond. It's evident that he doesn't intend for you to forget about him anytime in the near future.

7. He Wants To Have His Cake And Eat It Too

Let's face it, if both of you have an ongoing arrangement that allows for complete autonomy, is he inclined to relinquish that freedom if he doesn't have to? Unless you assert yourself, he's probably content with keeping you on the sidelines while he enjoys himself, and this pattern is likely to persist until you request commitment — or until he encounters an even more appealing option.

8. He Talks About Being Involved In Each Other's Future But Never Makes Any Commitments

Although alluding to you being a permanent fixture in his life may appear to be romantic, it's actually somewhat manipulative. This isn't a scene from The Notebook — the likelihood of him materializing one day and fulfilling all of his promises is about as probable as Ryan Gosling showing up at your doorstep. If he's not willing to act upon his words right now, then it's likely in your best interest to move on.

9. He Says He's Just Not Ready Yet

It's perfectly fine to not feel prepared for a serious commitment since you probably wouldn't want to be with someone who made a hasty decision to be with you. However, he must realize that you won't wait indefinitely for him to gather his thoughts. When he's unwilling to take action, there are repercussions—such as forfeiting an opportunity to be with an incredible woman like yourself. Who knows, if you're more assertive about the "now or never," he may suddenly feel more prepared than he thought he was.

He could be manipulating all the variables to tailor the circumstances to his precise specifications, but the decision to continue the relationship or sever ties is ultimately yours. Unless you have an arrangement to wait until the timing works for both of you, take note of the red flags before you remove yourself from the market for someone who may or may not be willing to commit.