lauren luongo reaches for the stars

Meet Lauren Luongo, a social media sensation whose beauty, brains, and genuinely sweet and charismatic personality make for a charming package.

Lauren Luongo, a model from Connecticut, has an extensive portfolio showcasing her modeling versatility.

According to her website, Lauren has done projects such as product endorsements, fashion shows, music videos, commercials, calendars, and magazines.

lauren luongo reaches for the stars

As for publications, Lauren has been in more than 30 magazines and graced 10 covers.

lauren luongo reaches for the stars

Some of her magazine features include national as well as international publications. For instance, she has been featured in Maxim, Playboy, and Vogue.

She has also appeared on national television.

lauren luongo reaches for the stars

Lauren has amassed a huge following across all social media platforms, deeming her a social media personality.

On Instagram, for instance, she has more than 650,000 followers on her laurentaylor05 account.

Lauren's Inspiration

lauren luongo reaches for the stars

In an interview with Women's Fitness, Lauren spoke about her incredible modeling journey.

She said:

My modeling career began… when I was a sophomore in high school.

I was approached by a few photographers that had seen several of my photos that were posted on social media.

These initial TF (trade) shoots led to more photographers seeking to work with me.

This helped me build my port, improve my craft, and eventually led to paid opportunities within the industry.

lauren luongo reaches for the stars

While it seems difficult to maintain a healthy body image in today's age, considering how ruthless some people can be online, Lauren is at the top of her game.

'Opinions of Others Don't Define You'

lauren luongo reaches for the stars

Speaking to Hardwood & Hollywood, she advised on how to stay positive amid internet criticism.

She said:

The best way to remain positive is to not ever pay mind to negativity.

The negative opinions of others don't define you. Sadly, people are inherently competitive, jealous, cynical, rude, and condescending when hiding behind their keyboards.

She added:

75 percent of the people who make negative comments on social media would never repeat the same thing to your face.

Therefore, self-esteem doesn't come from other people; it's something that you need to generate within yourself.

According to Lauren, meeting new people is what she enjoys most about her modeling career.

She explained:

The doors that have opened for me and the contacts that I have made are life-altering.

I feel very blessed to have encountered every one of these individuals who have positively touched my life.

She continued:

I love creating amazing images in tandem with genius photographers. It's become a game I play with myself… each photo must outdo the last!

I never rest on my laurels. I am always working on my craft to remain relevant in the industry.

Despite the glamour, modeling is a combination of being photogenic, knowing how to pose, being charismatic. It's about creating a picture that, at a glance, tells a story.

lauren luongo reaches for the stars

You can follow Lauren on Instagram to check out more of her stories and feeds.