lauren is the girl next door

The holidays are finally here after a tedious and chaotic year that most of us would rather forget. So, why not end it on a positive note by learning more about Lauren van Velzen, a gorgeous 22-year-old lady with drop-dead looks despite her charming girl-next-door appeal.

There are still many great things to see in 2020, and you can add Lauren to that list. Here's a pic of her from Instagram; she calls herself lauren.vv.

Isn't She Gorgeous?

She doesn't need to say much to catch your attention. Her beauty does all the talking.

Her beauty is definitely beyond question. And despite her young age, she looks quite grown up and experienced.

In short, she has everything you could ever want in a girl, whether as a friend or more.

Seriously, what's not to love about her!

lauren is the girl next door

Needless to say, many guys would kill to have a girlfriend like her. Lauren has the curves, the million-dollar smile, the perfect body.

That is the perfect combo every guy wants in his dream girl. Without a doubt, Lauren will steal many hearts with her mind-blowing looks and that warm, generous smile.

lauren is the girl next door

If you are still not following her on Instagram, you should do it right away. Soon, she might have far too many followers to notice when you finally do.

Admit it, this girl looks great in anything. That's one benefit of being such a bona fide beauty.

lauren is the girl next door

Whether in a bikini, tight dress, lingerie, or jeans, Lauren is still a world-class beauty. That said, she definitely knows how to pick the right clothes to compliment her remarkable looks.

Here are some exclusive close-ups of this charming girl. Enjoy!

lauren is the girl next door

True. Lauren might be the girl next door, but her looks are anything but average. It's not every day you meet a girl this amazing, not even on the wild wide web.