Laughing Through Hard Times - 8 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Weird Person

Laughing Through Hard Times – 8 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Weird Person

In this world full of weird and wonderful things, why wouldn't you date a weird person too?

After all, who wants to be stuck with a basic? Especially when you could sample all sorts of weird and wonderful characters.

Whether it's someone kooky, eccentric, or just a bit…different, we all love a weirdo!

Here are eight things you simply need to know before you date a weird person:

1. Don't Expect A Normal Date

Now this one should be obvious. Why would you expect a weird person to take you on a regular date? Let me tell you. There will be no dinner and a movie here!

When dating a weirdo, it's probably easier to just not have any set expectations at all. A weird date could range from board games in the back of a bookshop to renting scooters to explore the city. And the funny thing is - it could be anything!

Honestly, going on a weird date is a great way to know if you and your date are compatible right away. I mean, if you two can enjoy some birdwatching together, then things are looking good.

2. Don't Think They'll Follow The Rules

Weird people have their own code. That's why they're considered weird after all.

Don't expect your weird date to act like your normal ones. They might surprise you by answering your questions straight up. On the other hand, they could spend a while figuring you out before opening up to you.

At least one of the most fun things about dating a weird person is figuring out all their weird and wonderful ways.

3. Look Out For Weird Habits

A weird person is bound to have some weird habits. Whether it's wearing two odd socks or not checking their phone notifications, weird people be weirdos.

Maybe you're worried that your weird date hasn't gotten back to you. Or maybe they text you their every thought? Either way, consider whether it's about you or just who they are.

Basically, communicate with your weird date! Weirdos don't come with an instruction manual.

4. Expect Lots Of Laughs

Weirdos get bored easily. And they don't want a superficial chat or small talk. If a weird person is brave enough to be themselves and weird, they don't want to get stuck in a bland conversation.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you'll always be deep in meaningful discussion. Instead, you should expect lots of jokes, sarcasm, and anecdotes.

Come on, you're dating a weird person – it's hardly going to be dull, right?

5. They Can Have A Lot Going On

Getting together with a weird person doesn't guarantee a totally chill time. Lots of weirdos have all sorts of dilemmas, plans, and parties going on. Being weird can be a full-time gig.

This doesn't mean your weird date won't be focused on you. Just remember, having such an individual sense of self can take up a lot of attention.

6. Charm Alert!

Often, weird people have to justify their weird and wonderful ways to others. Therefore, your weird date is probably very persuasive.

Expect lots of charm from your weird date. It's the best thing about dating someone who knows themselves so well!

Or maybe it's just that their weirdness makes them extra exciting.

7. Expect Honesty

Listen, weird people are honest with themselves, and they'll be honest with you too.

This doesn't mean your weird date will be insensitive, but look out for their own unique way of communicating.

8. They Won't Fit In A Box

A weird person could be super chatty and chill with you, but hate parties or big groups hang. Just because your weird date is a certain way with you doesn't mean you know all sides of them.

Sometimes, a weird person could seem like the life of the party in one context, but be super serious in another.

Basically, don't pigeon-hole your weirdo. And remember to embrace the inner weirdo inside you too!