Latest News And Current Status For L1 Visa

latest news and current status for l1 visa

Being updated on the news and status of the application for an L1 visa is essential. As you know, many people are not familiar with the different kinds of endorsements that America has. It is helpful to navigate this article and make it their reference before applying for an L1 visa. Plus, it is better to know the requirements and procedures that you need to provide and undergo.

Moreover, it also has qualifications. It is different from other endorsements that are easy to order. It needs more attention than the other. Plus, you need to be in a specific position to complete the process. Yes, that is right. It requires managerial and executives positions or persons with special knowledge in the American company.

Being one of them to make a reliable transfer in the US affiliate is necessary. Additionally, it also has a particular requirement in each of those positions. Plus, the US company serves as your petitioner, and you become their beneficiary. That is the second condition after your employment position. Other than that, you need to provide the documents to support the application that they will submit.

Furthermore, keep on reading this article to know more. We will include the information that you must know and understand in preparing your application. Let us move forward and explore the data that this affidavit has. Join us, and let's get started!

Two types of L1 Visa

This section contains the two types of L1 visas that depend on the nature of work. Each of them has a significant role that you must consider. It includes the following;

L1A visa

It is for managerial and executive positions. Executive can decide without oversight. Managers can supervise the employees' work and manage the corporation or a subdivision of the company.

L1B visa

It is the second type of L1 visa. It is for the people who have specialized knowledge about the American company. They have advanced learning for specific processes in the organization. It also includes the products, services, and other essential things.

What you need to apply

This section consists of the details about the employer and the employees' requirements to prepare. Both of them need to provide and meet the criteria that the immigration needs from them. In that case, here are the two primary requirements;

Employer requirements

The qualifying relationship between the US and the foreign branch that employs application needs to build first to create a possible visa request. Plus, the employer must do business in America throughout the visa holder's stay in that said country. And at least one other country.

Employee requirements

The applicant needs to be in managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge and employed by the foreign employer for at least one year continuously.

How To Apply For An L1 Visa

If you have decided to apply for the L1 visa, then you need the following information. This section contains the step-by-step procedure that you need to consider during your endorsement request. It includes the following;

Hire an Immigrant Lawyer - Step 1

This endorsement needs an experienced person to handle the application that you have. The request for this visa requires careful preparation and strategies. That is why you need an immigration lawyer to handle the case. He or she will walk you through the step-by-step procedure. Also, in conducting an in-depth consultation with you, and gives a detailed list of documents they need to prepare your L1 petition.

Document Gathering - Step 2

You need to provide the necessary documentation that your immigration lawyer gives you. It also includes a detailed description of your proposed job for the American company. Also, the evidence of your employment with a foreign company is essential and the other pertinent evidence.

File form I-129 and L Supplement - Step 3

The petition for a nonimmigrant worker is Form I-129. It is the necessary form that your immigrant lawyer needs to file to qualify for your L1 visa application. Along with it is the L supplement. Take note: this petition is not a self-petition. The one who needs to apply on behalf of you is the US employer. As we mentioned earlier, the US employer is your petitioner, and you are their beneficiary.

Moreover, together with Form I-129 is all your supporting documents. It includes your resume/CV, evidence of employment with a foreign company, and other essential papers. If you get the I-129 approval, then you can apply for the L1 visa. Thus, if you are changing status, your steps are complete upon Form I-129 approval.

Apply for L1 Visa - Step 4

If you are not applying for changing status, you can request an L1 visa from the consulate of your home country. You are ready to apply for an L1 visa upon your I-129 approval. In scheduling your interview at the consulate, your immigration lawyer can assist you. He or she can prepare the necessary documents that you hand over.

Important Note for Canadian National

It has a significant advantage if you are a Canadian citizen. You can directly apply at the US port of entry for your L1 visa. Direct to the Custom and Border Protection Agency to apply this endorsement. Thus, if you are a Canadian national, you have not required to file a petition with USCIS.


We have come this far. The information that we share can help you know more about the latest procedure for getting an L1 visa. The list of the details above serves as your guidelines in applying for an L1 visa. All the data that we give you is the basic and only way you can get this endorsement. Providing the required document is the key to make a faster procedure in your application.

You can also get advice or help from the immigration lawyer if you need it badly. Preparing your document and submit it to your petitioner with complete evidence is a great help for both of you. As you know, minor errors can cause you more significant trouble and result in a denied application. That is why you better give the complete and exact requirements on the list.

We are grateful to share this article. We hope you can prepare the things you must provide using this information and carefully follow the instructions. So, thank you for navigating this excellent article. We wish you good luck with your L1 visa application. Have a nice day!