Late Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain's Crime Novel Is Becoming A TV Show

late celebrity chef anthony bourdain’s crime novel is becoming a tv show

Nothing can take the place of late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain in the heart of his fans. Many might rejoice, however, in hearing that his legacy keeps living.

The latest news is about his second novel, crime fiction Gone Bamboo. The book is soon coming to TV as a series.

Not Only A Chef

While mostly known as a chef, Anthony Bourdain was a man of many talents. Before releasing his famous memoir Kitchen Confidential, he wrote two fiction novels as well.

His biographical work already hit the TV screens in 2005. In that comedy series, named after the book, Bradley Cooper played the role of Bourdain.

Now it is the turn of Gone Bamboo, a crime novel Bourdain penned in 1997 after his debut, Bone in the Throat. The author then described his work as a "sociopath beach book."

Comedy Meets Crime

Gone Bamboo is set on the island of St. Martin, in the Caribbeans, where Bourdain also spent a year. The protagonist is Henry Denard, a "sharpshooting hedonistic assassin" loosely based on Bourdain himself.

Messing up the most important hit of his life, Denard has to turn to his wife for help. The two need to collaborate on finishing the job to maintain peace on the tropical island.

He Could Have Had A Different Career

Judging by his first two novels, Bourdain could have become a successful writer of fiction. Some critics enthusiastically praised his hilarious crime comedy works.

Now Webster and Robert Stone - producers of Gone in Sixty Seconds and The Negotiator - got the rights to Gone Bamboo. Their plan is to turn it into a scripted TV series based on a pilot.

Arguably, Robert Stone would have loved it for Bourdain to write more crime fiction. In fact, he declared:

"Tony might have had a real career as a crime novelist if those damn travel shows didn't keep getting in the way."

For now, there are no details available on a predicted release date for the TV show. The casting is still a mystery as well.

While we wait, we might just go and watch Parts Unknown one more time.