Largest 13-Storey Residential Building In Gaza Collapses After Israeli Air Strike

Largest 13-storey Residential Building In Gaza Collapses After Israeli Air Strike

As violence in the Gaza region continues, one of the largest residential buildings has been knocked down by Israelis in a devastating airstrike.

Over the past few weeks, the tension between Israel and Palestine has been rising. Already, 36 people have died, and several others have been left with injuries.

The violence comes following the decision by the Israeli Supreme Court to uphold plans to remove Palestinians from Jerusalem.

In the latest development, a 13-story residential building has collapsed following an airstrike by Israel. Luckily, no casualties were reported since the residents had been evacuated before the airstrike happened.

Still, the collapse of the Hanadi tower is one of the many losses connected to the ongoing airstrikes.

Hamas had an office in the building. The organization claimed that 130 rockets were used during the attack.

Another residential building was also previously attacked, and at least two people lost their lives to the attack that left several others injured.

According to Gaza's health ministry, the Israeli military has renewed its offensive against the Gaza Strip.

Based on the words of a local resident, had it not been for preemptive safety measures, a lot of people would have perished due to the bomb attacks:

"Tens of families rushed into the street before Israeli warplanes destroyed their homes. We avoided potential massacre."

From the look of things, the attacks will continue.

The head of the Gaza-based government information office, Salameh Marouf, also said that Israel made more than 56 airstrikes against the Gaza Strip. Marouf said that during the attacks, over 120 missiles were used against civilian targets.

He went on to add that Israel purposely attacked service facilities, such as the attack close to a water desalination facility in the northern part of Gaza that put it out of service.

Amnesty International's Response

Largest 13-storey Residential Building In Gaza Collapses After Israeli Air Strike

Following the attack on Gaza, Amnesty International responded through a statement made by Saleh Higazi, the Middle East Deputy Director of the institution.

"Israel must not be allowed to continue its rampage against Palestinians who are simply defending their right to exist and protesting against their forced displacement."

Higazi pointed out that the Israeli military used "disproportionate and unlawful force" to deal with protesters during its raids on al-Aqsa mosque in addition to conducting unprovoked attacks on peaceful demonstrators in Sheikh Jarrah.

The human rights organization is not the only voice to speak out against violence. For instance, several British MPs have also talked about the need for action, with Zara Sultana saying that brutal attacks should be condemned.

Unfortunately, the calls for peace have so far not helped relieve tension. The attacks continue.

The bombardments against Gaza by the Israelis have not been this intense since the year 2014.