Landlord Challenges His Tenant To Eviction Boxing Match; Gets Knocked Out Cold

landlord challenges his tenant to eviction boxing match; gets knocked out cold

A landlord challenged a tenant to an eviction boxing match—gets knocked out in front of other tenants.

Most landlords and their tenants have never been on friendly terms. This hatred and resentment can be one of the worst out there.

Remember a group of renters in Minneapolis who joined together to 'evict' their landlord? Or tenants in West Elsdon, Chicago, who brutally beat a landlord and her children after they evicted them?

Well, this one tenant decided to take a more fair approach. His landlord challenged him to an eviction boxing match.

Unfortunately for the landlord, it looks like he underestimated his tenant because he ended up getting knocked out cold.

In fairness to the guy, this is actually a boxing match. And a group of tenants joined in to witness the challenge.

The two had agreed that if the tenant wins, he'll not move out. But if the landlord knocks him out, he'll have to find somewhere else to stay.

So, the spectators cheered both parties as the pair put their boxing gloves on.

They then began the fight, but after just 10 seconds of fighting, the tenant delivers one knockout punch to the landlord, who falls to the ground.

In the end, the landlord must have felt a bit silly for putting the rent on the line and then losing the challenge.

While it's unclear what really happened after the fight, this man portrays an example of bad landlords out there.

Why would he do such a thing?

We suppose we've to entertain the idea that the landlord wanted to fight the tenant because he was a complete knob and deserved an eviction. But it's a much better story than if it was the other way round.

Another aspect of this we have to talk about is where the hell is it all going down? It seems like some underground fight club and definitely not an officially sanctioned boxing venue or anything like that.

Let's hope the landlord learned his lesson.