Ladies, You're Not Too Strong; He's Too Weak. Learn The Difference.

Ladies, You’re Not Too Strong; He’s Too Weak. Learn The Difference.

We've come a long way since the days when women were expected to be nothing more than obedient wives and mothers that only take care of the household. Women are now dominating the work field and showing men we can do anything we set our minds to. However, the old days aren't completely gone.

There are still men out there who are intimidated by a strong woman. Maybe you're ambitious. You work a ton of hours hoping for that new promotion. You're independent and don't need anyone's help. For some, these may be negative traits that mean you aren't good dating potential. But the right man will see that it's the perfect combination for a good life partner.


1. To be loved, you can't be yourself

All my life, I've been told I need to act more like a lady. I'm too honest. Too outspoken. Too independent. This has caused a lot of problems in relationships because my strong personality scares men off. So, I used to hide the real me. But I eventually realized you shouldn't pretend to be someone you're not to make someone else happy.


2. Find a man who's secure in himself. He won't be intimidated by anyone

When a man finds you intimidating, it means he sees you as competition instead of a life partner. He knows he'll never be able to match your drive and ambition. So rather than figure out what's going on in his own life that's holding him back, he'll try to knock you down to his level. But a life without passion, without goals and dreams, isn't a life.


3. Your strength should be celebrated, not shamed

In a relationship, your partner should be your biggest fan. They should support your dreams and motivate you to reach them just as they should be there to help you if you have a setback. The only time you fail is when you give up. A true man will stay on you to work hard and achieve what you set your mind out to do.


4. It's no longer the Stone Age. Time to join the modern world

While women now have equality in every aspect of our lives, sexism isn't dead. There are still men out there that think a woman's place is in the house, devoted to her family. No passion. No personality. No ambition. No dreams. There's a fine line between being intimidated and being a misogynist. Take it from me. This is not how you want to live. If you have a man who's constantly trying to "put you in your place," run for the hills.


5. A strong woman needs a strong mate

Some men may pretend to be okay with your "intimidating" traits as long as they don't experience it or hear about it, no problem. But what kind of relationship is that? You shouldn't have to hide your excitement over closing that new deal or getting that promotion you've been working towards. If you have to spend time stroking a man's ego, so he doesn't get upset by your achievements, you're wasting your time.