Ladies, Wait For The Man Who Kisses Your Forehead

Take my word for it. Your ideal guy is out there. And one day, you will be in his loving arms.

So, shun the temptation to settle for a guy who does not give you what you deserve. Even if he is your best option right now, deep down you know that he is not 'the one.'

You deserve nothing but the best. The right person will get into your life and change it in every possible way, and you will love every moment of your time together. Staying with someone who offers you anything less is a waste of your time, and it will only get in your way of finding the true love of your life because the right guy is out there and all he needs in his life is you.

You can get a man who will love you as you deserve. You just have to be patient. This man will be by your side to support you at every turn, not in the front so that you can follow as he decides what path your life will take.

The way he will hold your hand will reaffirm the love and safety he gives you. He will grab you and get you out of the way when a speeding bus comes flying by without your knowledge.

It is worth waiting for the man who will want to kiss your forehead before he reaches for your lips. A man who will desire to kiss your hand before he kisses your lips. A man who sees you as a treasure in his life, not another romantic conquest.

This is a man who will have eyes only for you, and you will see the love in his eyes and will keep smiling whenever he is with you. You will see that special look, and it is worth waiting for. Wait for a guy who makes you laugh, a guy whose greatest joy is to see you happy.

Yea, wait for the man you feel comfortable around, even in uncomfortable situations – a man you can communicate with even without words. Because your souls are in sync, you can tell what the other is thinking or feeling even without words.

In short, wait for a man around whom you can be 100% yourself. You should never have to hold back and put on a mask around him.

The right man will treasure every moment he spends with you and will do all he can to keep these moments special. Every moment you spend together will be special. Even a trip to the grocery store will be a memorable adventure. You will feel truly alive around this man.

Wait for the man who gets you and what you are about – a man who makes you more like yourself every day. The right man for you will help you achieve your goals, and he will believe in you and will appreciate the fortune of having you in his life.

Wait for this kind of man because he is out there looking for you as well. You deserve the best, and he will offer it soon once he finds his way to you.