Kylie Jenner Sent Her Little Girl To First Day Of Homeschool With A $12,000 Hermès Bag

Kylie Jenner Sent Her Little Girl to First Day of Homeschool with a $12,000 Hermès Bag

The youngest self-made billionaire, or at least very rich millionaire, Kylie Jenner, doesn't mind spending her fortune on necessities. And when she sent her little girl, Stormi, to her first day of homeschool, she sent the little girl with a $12,000 Hermès bag. And people have opinions about it.


It's Kylie Jenner's World


The first day of school is a big deal for every parent. So, naturally, you want to gift your toddler with something special. But a Hermes Kelly backpack doesn't really look like something your little ones will understand. Or even like.

But, most parents didn't grow up in front of TV cameras, nor did they made their beauty empires by the time they were barely out of their teen years.


And with the Kardashian-Jenner family, it's all about labels and trends. While Stormi is adorable, one of the few members left without plastic surgeries, that Hermes looks kind of silly.

Stormi's excited


In an Instagram video the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, Kylie, showed how excited her baby girl is about the first day of school. Jumping up and down, Stormi was shouting "First day of school," and it's pretty adorable.

Sure, Kylie is a businesswoman, and as such, we should celebrate her success. But sharing your life for cash, let's say that we're not too much into that whole deal.


Plus, when you have such a big audience and presence, you should be aware that not many kids on the planet can wear Kelly bags on their way to school. So, yeah, it's tone-deaf.

Twitter's having a blast


Of course, without her fans and "haters' we wouldn't be talking about Kylie at all. Twitter is full of opinions, and most of them are hilarious.

Some users asked themselves why they were even surprised. Others realized that they could use that bag to pay some loans.

However, everyone agreed that the toddler was not just stylish, but her genuine smile and happiness are worth more than any bag. Or car, or whatever the Kardashians are buying these days.


The 23-year-old mom of one recently asked her fans to vote, and even then she didn't understand how to read the audience. Well, 200 million followers to be more precise.

She posted bikini photos, capturing them "7th day of fall" then adding; "But are you registered to vote? Click the link in my bio...let's make a plan to vote together," she posted.

Her fall days look very different from ours; plus have you seen how the other celebrities urge fans to vote? The bikini is not the issue, but making it about your curves is a cheap move.


Despite everything, there's something likable about Kylie Jenner. Perhaps it has everything to do with her not using Pepsi to end racism. We're looking at you, Kendall...