KUWTK: Kim And Pete Davidson Take Their First Romantic Trip Together

Kuwtk: Kim & Pete Davidson Take Their First Romantic Trip Together

Things are heating up between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. The couple was seen going on a romantic trip, and this happens to be their first getaway since they started dating.

The two have been seeing each other since October 2021.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian were seen getting on a plane, and they were heading to the Bahamas.

While Kim was wearing a sleeveless black top and matching black cargo pants, Pete had a casual long-sleeve graphic shirt with matching white shorts and a white baseball cap.


The two did not spend the New Year together, but it seems that they have still had plans to start off the year with a romantic vacation.

During the New Year, Pete was hosting an event in Miami with Miley Cyrus. Kim wasn't up to much during the holiday.

Over the Christmas holiday, Pete was seen driving around in Kim Kardashian's Rolls Royce in Beverly Hills.

Kuwtk: Kim & Pete Davidson Take Their First Romantic Trip Together

This will be Kim's first romantic trip since she divorced her husband, Kanye West. The famous socialite is having a great time dating the comedian from the look of things.

Pete and Kim have been seeing each other for quite some time. They have been spotted together in Los Angeles and New York City. She seems pretty happy to be dating the Saturday Night Live star.

For quite a while after breaking off things with Kanye West, Kim remained alone. She also dropped her married name.


Kim is 41, while Pete is now 28. This is the first relationship she has been part of since she divorced Kanye West.

Reports claim that Kim avoids PDAs with Pete out of consideration for Kanye.

Recently, the rapper bought a house across the street from Kim, which could make things awkward since they are now dating other people. According to Kim, it is both "weird" and "strange" that Kanye would buy a home so close to her, even if they have four kids to co-parent.


By going on a vacation together, it appears that Kim and Pete are ready to take their relationship to the next level this year. They might have a 13-year age difference, but it is clear that this is not going to affect their relationship.

Recently, Kanye tried to plead with his wife to go back to him, but it was already a little too late.