Know Your Personality Right Now Based On These 4 Simple Questions

Know Your Personality Right Now Based On These 4 Simple Questions

One of the most important questions you will ever ask yourself in this life is: "who am I."

Lots of people have asked themselves this question. And not just in movies, songs, or books, but also in real life.

And now, it's your turn.

Believe Me, There Is A Reason You Should Know Your Personality

You cannot appreciate, love, and respect yourself; grow your strengths and overcome your weaknesses; or know your fears and passions without knowing yourself.


And that pretty much amounts to knowing your personality, right? You know I'm right.

Luckily, this important existential question is very easy to address once you answer these questions. I promise you, they are pretty simple, and here they are.

1. When Exhausted, What Do You Do?

Chat with friends (E).

Stay home reading or watching movies (I).


2. Which Of These Relates To You?

Living in the moment (S).

Dreaming about the future, seeing symbols in everything (N).

3. How Do You Make Important Decisions?

Logically and rationally (T).

With the heart, considering other people's feelings (F).


4. When Attending An Event, What Do You Do?

Plan everything in advance (J).

Act based on circumstances (P).

Easy-peasy, just as promised. The test is that simple.

So, what four letters describe your personality? Match them to your personality below.

1. Masterminds (INTJ)

You are rare, there are only 2% of you around. You are ambitious, resolute, and very imaginative. You don't like wasting energy and you're also very secretive.


2. Logician (INTP)

There are just 3% of you in the world. You are creative and understand science very easily.

3. Commander (ENTJ)

You are born leaders, and there are just 3% of you. You are charismatic and confident, and can easily gather people towards a common goal.

4. Debater (ENTP)

You love intellectual faceoffs and have diverse knowledge. There are just 5% of you, and you are also very honest and open-minded.


5. Advocate (INFJ)

There are just 1% of your guys, and you are very determined and resolute and like to take action and focus on long-term goals.

6. Mediator (INFP)

With just 4% of you, you are usually calm and reserved but with deep passion. You go through life guided by personal principles.

7. Protagonist (ENFJ)

Only about 2% of the population falls under this category. You are born leaders and are usually politicians, coaches, and trainers as you like to inspire people.


8. Campaigner (ENFP)

There are 7% of you among the population, and you are carefree, charming, and compassionate. But you don't like too much attention and prefer deep emotional relationships.

9. Inspector (ISTJ)

There are 13% of you around. You are practical, logical, and responsible. You are meticulous and hate to cut corners.


10. Defender (ISFJ)

You are very giving, and there are almost 13% of you in the world. You are very calm, sociable, and defensive towards family and friends.

11. Executive (ESTJ)

There are 10% of you in the world. You can give clear advice and instructions, which makes you good at uniting people.

12. Consul (ESFJ)

You make up 12% of the population, and you will do whatever it takes to make those you love happy.


13. Virtuoso (ISTP)

You make up 5% of the population, and you like to try new experiences and explore. You also enjoy helping others and sharing experiences.

14. Adventurer (ISFP)

You are full of creativity and are inclined towards risky behaviors, activities and sports.

15. Entrepreneur (ESTP)

You like being in the spotlight and enjoy intellectual debates. You also like to do something instead of just having empty conversations.


16. Entertainer (ESFP)

You are full of spontaneity and like the same attribute in others. You like encouraging other people and making them enjoy themselves.

So, what's your personality based on this breakdown? Do you agree with it? What of your friend's or spouse's?

I don't know about you, but the personality ascribed to me by this test was pretty darn accurate.