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Klondike Says The Choco Taco Might Be Coming Back After All

klondike Says The Choco Taco Might Be Coming Back After All

Since last month, news of Klondike's decision to stop making the Choco Taco spread like wildfire via social media. Things have been blue in the ice cream aisle.

Parent company Klondike sent a taco-shaped beacon of hope on July 25 after announcing the news of the demise of Choco Taco in a series of tweets.

Since Klondike revealed the information, its social media accounts have dealt with an enthusiastic but persistent flurry of admirers inquiring about Choco Taco.


Many of the devotees probably forgot about Choco Tacos. That was until they were informed by the ice cream company that nobody would ever be allowed to eat one again.

One Twitter user responded to a Klondike tweet about birthdays with the question, "How can you get rid of such an iconic childhood dessert as the choco taco?"

The user then harshly responded to the question with an insult, "Do you ever understand that Klondike bars are laughably bland and not all that good?"


"Why are you discontinuing the choco taco? It's a sad day in the world of #tacos and #taco Tuesday," said one Twitter user, who also made fun of Klondike's other menu options after asking the question.


Then, on August 2, a tweet from a disappointed fan of Choco Taco got the rumor mill going in the hopes that we would all get another taste of this treat. We neglected the sweet waffle shell, chocolate-drizzled vanilla ice cream center, and nutshell topping and chocolate until it was (almost) too late.


Klondike acknowledged the disheartening news in a tweet on August 2. After listening to our fans, we hope to bring this beloved treat back to ice cream trucks in the upcoming years.

Finally, Klondike says an outpouring of support for the product has made them "reconsider our long-term plans."