Kindred Spirits: Here Are 20 Signs You've Found Each Other

Kindred Spirits: Here Are 20 Signs You’ve Found Each Other

I bet some of your most precious relationships started on the day you met the person, because you clicked immediately, forever discovering that you are kindred spirits. Can you imagine how terrible life would be without some of these people in it?

We are very social, and whether or not we like to admit it, the way we relate with others gives our lives purpose and meaning.

Because of our relationships, we find happiness and a reason to keep pushing forward even when life deals us a blow.


But only a few of these relationships go deep enough to make you discover you have found a kindred soul.

What Are Kindred Spirits?

When you meet this special friend, you will feel like they completely get you, just as you get them.

They may come from different backgrounds, have different careers, or vast age differences. However, they make you feel you have met someone just like you in the world.


There is a difference, however, between a kindred soul and a lifelong friend.

In fact, kindred spirits can meet for a single day and never meet again. This is not a relationship that requires time to build because it happens instantly.

When you part ways with your kindred spirit, you will wish you shared more of the precious times together.


The time you interact with your alter ego might be brief, but the connection can be very intense and unforgettable.

For instance, do you remember ever meeting someone, maybe for a few minutes, and you still remember them to this date? If on a very deep level you felt like there was a strong bond of friendship between you, then chances are that this was a kindred soul.

And so, your alter ego does not have to be your lover. But they can be, and that would be amazing.


A kindred spirit is someone you never feel you have to explain yourself to. Also, you are not afraid if they see your real self because you feel they already know who you are.

No wonder many people think kindred souls are people who understand and accept them as they are. But to help you have a better understanding of what kindred spirits are, here are some signs to look out for.

1. Kindred Spirits Have Many Principles In Common

When it comes to what you think of life, you will discover that your alter ego shares the same views. It will surprise you that you agree on so much.


2. You Are Honest With Each Other

Kindred souls don't feel the need to hide anything from each other. Because your connection is so deep and genuine, you are generally very honest with each other.

Around each other, you can be your true selves, and you never have to pretend.

3. You Understand Each Other Without Using Words

In a way, you understand each other's minds without having to say anything. It's like you can communicate through an unexplainable bond that connects you.


4. You Feel Like You Have Always Known Each Other

Not only is the connection with an alter ego instant, it feels like it has existed forever. It never feels like you need time to know each other before you can do things together.

5. Kindred Spirits Learn A Lot From Each Other

Your kindred soul will never miss out on a chance to help you learn an important lesson. Partly, this is because this person is not afraid to tell the truth as it is.


Other people hold back because they know some conversations can get awkward.

But a kindred soul does not worry too much that things will get awkward because their love for you goes far beyond momentary discomforts.

6. You Have Plenty In Common

Even though you might have taken completely different paths in life, you will realize that you share a lot of things with this special friend.


Also, some common interests will develop as you learn more about each other.

7. Things Are Easier When They're Around

In the presence of a kindred soul, you feel you don't have to try so hard. You don't have to prove yourself to them, and they always step in to help without hesitating or getting in the way.

8. You Share A Sense Of Humor

When you are making jokes and laughing with your kindred soul, it's never pretentious. You just genuinely like each other's jokes because deep down, you find the same things humorous.


9. The Relationship Flows Naturally

While some relationships seem to take lots of effort to keep going, a relationship with a kindred spirit flows naturally.

Everything seems to flow with no bumps.

10. Kindred Souls Know When They Need Each Other

Between these special friends, there is usually a strong feeling in the other when one of them requires assistance. This person will show up when you need them the most, even though you said nothing to them.


11. Life Seems Much Better When You're Together

Being with your kindred soul will make your life feel much better. That is a sure sign you are in the right friendship.

12. You Finish Each Other's Sentences

Your thoughts are always in sync, and what one of you says is usually what the other would say.


13. You Encourage Each Other

With your kindred soul, you make the most powerful team. Even though you might differ in your careers or passions, you will find yourselves quite useful to each other.

14. You Can Talk For Hours On End

When kindred souls meet, there is never a rush to end the conversation and part ways. You have so much to talk about and can never get bored with each other.


15. Kindred Spirits Help You Achieve Your Goals

Most people, including regular friends, will often give you advice that might be contrary to the goals you wish to achieve in life. But this special friend will do no such thing.

They want you to achieve more in your life, but without being overbearing. It feels like the part of you that wants you to chase your dreams is expressing itself through them.


A kindred soul knows what's good for you, and you will find yourself agreeing with it.

16. You Complete Each Other

However accomplished we are, there are areas we know we need to work on. Maybe you are too intense, or maybe you are a terrible cook.

However, your alter ego seems to fill these gaps effortlessly.

They step in and complement your weaknesses, making you feel more complete.


17. Even When Silent Around Each Other, You Don't Feel Uncomfortable

Ever realized that with some friends, things get weird when the conversation dies out? And so, you feel obliged to keep talking even when you'd rather take a break.

That is not a problem you will have with your kindred soul. Even when completely silent, you will be very comfortable around each other.


18. Kindred Souls Share Mutual Respect For Each Other

All relationships need respect to thrive. But with a kindred soul, you have a lot of respect for each other, and it's very natural.

Even when you differ, the respect between the two of you is never compromised.

19. You Always Think Of Each Other

When you are apart, you think of this special confidante. The connection you share with them is that deep.


That is why you can meet a kindred soul once and still remember them fondly years later.

20. Kindred Spirits Always Support Each Other

The definition of a friend is someone who always has your back. But while a friend can sometimes ignore you, a kindred soul will always try to have your back.

The support you have for each other is unconditional, and you can't find it in yourself to withhold your help from this person.


As I sum up, all I can say is yes, kindred spirits exist, and it's amazing having one around as a lover or a family member. In a kindred spirit, you will find someone you like or love as much as yourself.