Kim Kardashian Shares She Had Sex With Pete Davidson In Front Of Fireplace "To Honor Grandma"

During The Kardashian's second season, Kim and her grandmother Mary Jo "MJ" Shannon, her mom Kris Jenner, and her sister Khloe met.

Once they were together, she revealed intimate details about her and her ex, Pete Davidson, while staying in a Los Angeles hotel.

The pair had sex in front of the fireplace. She had gotten the idea from her grandmother, who had informed her that the experience could be pretty exciting.

Before they had sex, Kim and Pete were talking in front of the fireplace. Then she said: "My grandma told me that you really live life when you have sex in front of the fireplace."

She then told the group that they had sex in honor of her grandma.

Her grandma then asked, as a joke, if they also had sex in the hotel lobby. Kim reassured her that they only got intimate in private settings.

Kim said, "How creepy to think of your grandma before you have sex."

Her 88-year-old grandma then responded, saying she was younger once. She did not seem bothered discussing issues most people can only broach in the privacy of their bedrooms.

Kim is 41 years old, and Pete is 28. Their short romance came to an end after only nine months of dating.

According to a source, the two decided to "just be friends." Their relationship was challenged by the long distance between them and their hectic lives.