Kids Are Faking Positive Lateral Flow Tests Using Soft Drinks

Kids Are Faking Positive Lateral Flow Tests Using Soft Drinks

Testing positive for COVID is a nightmare to many people, but some kids are going to considerable lengths for a positive COVID result. With the use of soft drinks, these sneaky kids can create positive coronavirus results.

Some of the drinks they are using include orange juice and Coca-Cola. The kids want a positive result because it gives them a chance to take a break from school.

Kids Are Faking Positive Lateral Flow Tests Using Soft Drinks

That is undoubtedly a brilliant hack, but the decision to share the trick on TikTok is not as wise.

On one of the accounts talking more about the trick, there were over 20,000 followers. At the moment, the account has been deactivated.

Videos of the trick have also been shared under the hashtag #fakecovidtest. According to the media, search results for the hashtag have already been cleared.

TikTok Spokesperson Has Spoken Out Against The Fake Covid Posts

— Ellena Anastasiades (@dizzyellena) July 2, 2021

A TikTok spokesperson pointed out that posting harmful and misleading information was against the platform's community guidelines. Therefore, the posts about anti-vaccination and the misinformation related to the virus cannot be tolerated on the platform.

The spokesperson pointed out that TikTok had worked to offer people access to reliable information on the platform. They even went to the lengths of collaborating with scientists worldwide to explain how vaccinations are made and tested to ensure they are safe.

According to Geoff Barton, the general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, only a "very small minority" of students participated in the scam.

Still, a school in Liverpool felt the need to caution parents against the increasingly popular hack.

Parents Have Been Warned

— Brian Welch (@usercare) July 3, 2021

Barton urged parents to be cautious to ensure that the tests were not misused. He also suggested that students interested in chemical reactions explore their passion through school-based chemistry lessons.

A fact-checking site, Full Fact, advised that even though a substance like Coca-Cola, strawberries, hand sanitizer, and ketchup tested positive for COVID, it does not mean they contain the infectious virus. The acidity in these substances is the reason behind the positive results.

Additionally, the fact that these substances can cause positive results does not mean the lateral flow tests don't work well on humans. In fact, if used correctly, it is very unlikely that the lateral flow tests would give a false positive.

Lately, the lateral flow test has attracted a lot of scrutiny over its accuracy. A doctor has even gone to the lengths of explaining what various faint lines mean.