Kfc Just Released A Fireplace Log That Smells Exactly Like Fried Chicken

If you love chicken, then your fireplace might be your favorite spot in the house this holiday season. As a chicken lover, then you can admit that it's not just the taste of chicken you love, but also the smell.

We have heard countless times that fried chicken is a no-no if you are serious about healthy eating.

But come on! It's Christmas, hardly the perfect time to commit to a tedious healthy diet, especially with the candy canes, hot chocolate, and other mouthwatering delights all around us.

kfc just released a fireplace log that smells exactly like fried chicken

Anyway, KFC has come up with a log that will smell like their popular delicious chicken. This means you can still enjoy the smell of chicken, even if you are not actually chewing on a delectable chicken wing.

So, what else is there to know about this tantalizing firelog?

1. The Offer Won't Be Around For Long

The log, named KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog, was actually on sale for the first time last year, which means it's making a comeback. Each log goes for $18.99 and the offer will end soon.

So, if you wanted to grab yourself some, the time to do it is now. While at it, get enough logs to get you well into next year.

kfc just released a fireplace log that smells exactly like fried chicken

2. Still Worth It

These logs are worth it, even though a quick glance might suggest that they are a bit pricey. The log burns for between 2.5 and 3 hours. That is plenty of time to enjoy your chicken-scented warmth.

And to top it off, the logs are made entirely from recycled materials, which means you will also do the environment a favor by using these fireplace logs as opposed to regular logs.

3. They Smell Good

By good, I mean like chicken. These logs will spread that lovely chicken aroma around your house, and you will be treated to the same smell KFC chicken have. This smell will be unique because chicken off this food franchise features a unique taste and smell thanks to their secret recipe.

So, you will build a fire that will not only give you warmth but also a tantalizing aroma.

kfc just released a fireplace log that smells exactly like fried chicken

4. They Are Exclusive To Walmart, But You Have To Make Your Order Online

Although these logs are sold only by Walmart, don't expect to buy any the next time you visit your local store. You have to buy them online. Luckily, your purchase will come with a free two-day delivery, which means you can get them in time to enjoy them throughout the holidays.

Missing the sweet aroma of KFC chicken? Then you are in for a treat. These special logs from KFC featuring their special spices and the delicious aroma will make your Christmas truly memorable. So, enjoy this rare chance to cozy up in front of a warm fire while enjoying the heavenly smell of chicken by making your order today.