KFC Australia Reveals How You Can Order Items Off It's 'Secret Menu'

kfc australia reveals how you can order items off it’s ‘secret menu’

Before most people walk into a fast-food restaurant, they already know what order to place. Obviously, you might change your mind once in a while, but most people tend to have a certain meal in mind before entering one of their favorite eating establishments.

That makes us wonder: how can you make the best possible choice when you don't have all the information?

Apparently, there are fast-food restaurants that have "secret menus" most people don't know about. To get these meals, you have to use certain words most people don't know about.

kfc australia reveals how you can order items off it's 'secret menu'

Luckily, KFC has revealed what it takes to access its secret meals. These secret meals include the "Slida Burger", "Zinger Chipster" and "Beese Churger."


Although these dishes sound a little strange, odds are that they are probably quite delicious.

In a statement, the company released a statement that said in part:

"We know our fans taste buds are craving new and finger lickin' ways to enjoy their friend chook, but nothing good lasts forever."

For example, below is KFC's Beese Burger, a secret menu delicacy.

kfc australia reveals how you can order items off it's 'secret menu'

"Grab your phone, follow the clues, gather your coins and order the next secret menu item available from today."

Apparently, there are those who knew about the secret menu. The company said that the treats were designed by their staff a long time ago.

It's A Gift To The World

The company claimed that the secret menu was their gift to the world. In the statement, they said that it was time to give the secret menu to the world.


KFC is not the only fast food chain with a secret menu. McDonalds has a lovely secret menu as well.

Only a few people know about it, and it includes the McGangBang, the Mc1035am, the Monster Mac, and a 'Neapolitan' milkshake, just to name a few.

The McDonalds store manager went into detail about the secret menu during a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread. The manager explained how you can get different orders by mixing up the menu.

According to the store manager from Glasgow:


"You can order from the 'Secret Menu.' Just like with any of our sandwiches, you can add, remove or change ingredients by special request. These are called 'grill orders.'"

Here is a Monster Mac. It consists of four Big Macs.

kfc australia reveals how you can order items off it's 'secret menu'

According to the manager, the workers might know these special orders by names such as Land, Air and Sea burger or the McGangBang.

However, you can also explain what it is you want, and if you are ready to pay the price, it comes as another 'grill order' that the staff can prepare for you.

The important thing to keep in mind is that many 'secret menu' items are just regular menu items customized in a certain way by adding a few extras. That means anyone who wants to enjoy these secret menu items should be ready to pay a little extra.