Keychains With Live Animals Trapped Inside Are Sold For $1.50 In China

Keychains With Live Animals Trapped Inside Are Sold For $1.50 In China

In years gone by, people generally associated China with the world of product manufacturing and industry, with many items being made in China and then shipped to destinations around the world. This included everything from toys and ornaments to clothing, jewelry, and cookware. However, these days people are associating China with something far more sinister – animal cruelty.

China has come under fire regularly over recent years for its barbaric practices when it comes to animal welfare. One of the major issues that have angered people from around the world is the dog and cat meat trade and the horrendous mass murder of animals that occurs around the time of its annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

People from around the world are horrified to see what happens, with those that sell the dog – and cat – meat even accused of stealing people's pets to barbarically and inhumanely kill them before skinning them and selling them as meat to make money. Huge numbers of people have campaigned and signed petitions, with some describing China as a place filled with robotic people who have no empathy or feelings and are interested only in making money.

Further Controversy Hits China

keychains with live animals trapped inside are sold for .50 in china

China has now found itself under fire again as the result of a very worrying and disturbing trend that has emerged over recent months. This trend is the imprisonment of small amphibians in tiny pouches that are attached to a ring, which people can then use as keepsakes. Selling at around $1.50 each, the keyrings contain a tiny amount of water and the live amphibian, with users attaching it to their keys as a keepsake for several months until the animal dies.

Sold at subway stations and train stations, among other places, the tiny keyring pouches contain animals such as turtles, terrapins, salamanders, and fish. They are put inside the smallest of airtight pockets – keyring sized – along with fluorescent oxygenized water. There is also one single food pellet placed inside the pouch, designed to keep them alive for several months.

In reality, many of them die long before this – which for them must be a sweet release. Experts have said that many of the creatures die as a result of the toxicity that stems from their own waste and respiration. Once this happens, many 'owners' simply throw away the keyring with the dead animal inside and purchase a new one. Many do not even see the creature within the pouch as anything by a keepsake that can be disposed of at any time.

People Continue to Petition Against the Cruelty

keychains with live animals trapped inside are sold for .50 in china

As a result of these barbaric practices, many continue to petition to put an end to the cruelty. Some horrified people have even vowed to boycott anything from China, from goods imported from there through to eating at Chinese restaurants even in their own country. Many also pledge never to visit China because of their anger over these practices.

If the Chinese government fails to take heed of the well-publicized petitions, campaigns, and lobbies, there is a good chance that it could have a growing impact on both its economy and its tourist trade.

Some animal-related practices that take place around the world and are considered cruel are sometimes defended by those who say that they are part of the culture and tradition, such as bullfighting in Spain. However, there is nothing traditional or cultural about imprisoning live creatures in tiny pouches simply to make money.