Key Signs You Could Be Keeping Bad Company

Most people want to have friends around them that support them, are there for them, and help them lead a better life. However, this is not something that happens for everyone, and some find themselves keeping bad company.

If you are in bad company most of the time, your life probably won't go in the direction you hoped. Being in bad company can not only make your life more miserable but could even rub off on you over time.

How Can You Tell?

key signs you could be keeping bad company

There are several warning signs that could indicate you are keeping bad company in your day-to-day life. Some of the main ones include:

They Bring Up Your Past

key signs you could be keeping bad company

If you have friends who are always bringing up your past and holding it against you, they are not the type of people you really want to have around. When you have things in your past that you are embarrassed about or that had a negative impact, you naturally want to move forward from them.

However, you may be around people who keep bringing up your past and constantly remind you of things you would rather put behind you. These types of people can make it extremely difficult for you to start a fresh chapter in your life and put the past behind you.

They Are Selfish

key signs you could be keeping bad company

Real friends will always make time for you no matter what is going on in their lives, as you are important to them and they value your friendship. However, if you are keeping bad company with the wrong crowd, you may find that your friends only ever have time for you if and when it suits them.

This marks a selfish streak that you can really do without in your life, as friends should not be acting selfishly to those they claim to be close to. If you find that your so-called friends only ever make time to see you or speak to you when they need something, you are definitely in bad company.

They Belittle You

key signs you could be keeping bad company

Another thing that true friends will always do is to support and help with the things you do. They often encourage you to better yourself and your life, and they give you the confidence and help to do this.

However, if you are in bad company, you may find that the people around you do just the opposite of this. They may belittle anything you achieve and even act with jealousy about it, and they may make you feel as though you can't achieve your goals.

They Make You Feel Trapped

key signs you could be keeping bad company

When you have close friends – true friends – you naturally want to spend time around them and enjoy being in their company. This is what friendship is all about, and you can feel totally relaxed while you are spending time with them.

On the other hand, you may be with 'friends' who you actually dread seeing and don't enjoy spending time with. In fact, they may even make you feel trapped in a so-called friendship that you want to escape from.

They Incite Negative Emotion

key signs you could be keeping bad company

The whole purpose of having good friends is that you have people you can turn to, get support from, and feel good around. True friends will make you feel more positive even when you are in a bad situation.

However, when you are keeping bad company, you may find that the people around you simply make you feel negative all the time. Even when something good happens, you may look at the negative side of things when you are around the wrong people.

Changing the Company that You Keep

key signs you could be keeping bad company

Keeping bad company is something that can have a huge negative impact on your life in many ways. So, if you feel that you are with the wrong crowd, it may be time to walk away and start afresh with people that do not bring a toxic edge to your life.