Kendall Jenner Responds To "Photoshopped Hand" Criticism And Brings Receipts

Kendall Jenner has addressed allegations that her hand was manipulated using Photoshop in a recent Instagram post, which left some individuals genuinely perplexed due to the seemingly elongated appearance of her fingers.

In an attempt to demonstrate that her hand looks unusual only from certain angles, the 27-year-old recorded herself shaking her hand. It's possible that she's correct in her assertion.

On Instagram, Jenner uploaded a sequence of pictures taken in bright sunlight and captioned the carousel post with the phrase "31 hours."

Relatives and acquaintances complimented her appearance, with her mother Kris Jenner leaving a comment that read, "You are perfect."

As it turned out, the same could not be said for the actual pictures, as followers noticed an unusual element in the fourth image of the sequence.

In the photo, Jenner can be seen squatting on the floor in a bikini, with her right hand resting on the ground for support.

Although some people were likely enjoying the scenic beach view in the background, others observed that her hand appeared remarkably elongated.

One person said: "What up with that hand tho."

Another wrote: "You might need to see a doctor about that hand."

Another fumed: "Well at least when the photoshopping is so obvious maybe it [will] make a few teenage girls feel a little less bad about themselves."

On social media, several individuals uploaded images of extraterrestrials or drew comparisons between the Kardashian celebrity and the beings featured in James Cameron's Avatar films.

Jenner has since responded to the commotion by enlisting the help of her friend, Hailey Bieber, to post a video showcasing her hands in action, in real-time.

Behind the camera, the 26-year-old Bieber can be heard speaking: "We're sitting here analysing…look how bizarre her hand looks normally."

"This is live. Live footage of the hand."

Jenner added: "It's crazy."

Additionally, Bieber uploaded a series of emojis depicting aliens and UFOs, alluding to her friend's "very long hands" and fingers.

To be honest, they make a valid argument.

This isn't the initial instance where the Kardashian family has been questioned about their elongated fingers. Jenner's sibling, Khloe, was also compelled to refute claims that she underwent finger-lengthening surgery, following fans' confusion regarding the size of her fingers in certain photos.

In 2021, when she posted pictures promoting the footwear range of her brand Good American, the reality TV personality became the subject of some bizarre speculations.

Responding with a hint of amusement to the allegations of undergoing surgery to lengthen her fingers, Khloe clarified: "It's just the lens guys!"

She further commented explaining that certain stories are truly far-fetched.

Taking to Twitter to address the issue, she posted the following message: "I mean... LOL how could anyone believe this is the size of my feet?!"

"It's The angle and the type of lens."

"And personally I think this camera lens is so f**king cool. It gives the photo a different vibe and not the same old visual I always see."

"Either way, I'm happy with them."