Kendall Jenner Has Been Accused Of Promoting "Irresponsible" Drinking In A "Dangerous" Instagram Post

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Kendall Jenner posted a promo post for the 818 Tequila brand. However, one photo turned into a disaster in a genuine Kardashian-Jenner manner.

Kendall, 26, posted the series of photos with the caption "Things I love."

The post featured her dog, car, and tequila.

The photo of Kendall drinking the alcoholic beverage left many wondering if she was promoting irresponsible drinking. Based on her outfit, the picture was taken at last year's wedding, and the whole atmosphere made people feel uncomfortable.

The post went viral for the wrong reasons, and even Redditors joined the discussion:

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Yes, there is such thing as promoting alcohol responsibly, and Kendall's clearly failed at it.

Kendall revealed that she was behind the startup brand in February 2021. Soon, Kendall faced accusations of failing to credit the locals who made the tequila. She also wore traditional Mexican clothing in the promotional material.

The photoshoot faced backlash, as the brand and Kendall were accused of disrespecting Native workers and Mexican culture.