Kelsey Merritt Is Basically Neighbors With Harry Styles And Taylor Swift Now

Kelsey Merritt’s fans just can’t keep calm. Word on the ground is that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that was filmed on the 8th of November will be showing today! The proud Pinay Kelsey Merritt on the Victoria Secret Fashion Show runway makes everyone look forward to it. The after party is also going to be epic and we just can’t wait for the clips.

Now let’s focus on juicier news as we are all looking forward to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Kelsey recently just moved into a new apartment in New York City. Kelsey Merritt shared photos of her still-empty apartment on Saturday and gave it the following caption, “From Chelsea to Tribeca, So excited I’m moving in my new apartment today!!!” Those were her exact words that undoubtedly showed how pleased she was with the place.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with Tribeca? The neighborhood is just epic, full of old industrial buildings that have been converted into really cool apartments. The combo is simply amazing, old, ancient buildings with a touch of modernity.

According to Time, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lawrence, Harry Styles, and Jake Gyllenhaal all have properties within that area. This makes the neighborhood even more prestigious. Taylor Swift also owns three apartments in Tribeca, yes you read right, three! Taylor Swift’s apartments are at 155 Franklin Street, Tribeca. What this means is that Kelsey Merritt and Taylor Swift are basically neighbors, not to mention the other celebrities who also own apartments in Tribeca.

Can you imagine going out to go shopping and bumping into Harry Styles or Justin Timberlake? Cool right?!

According to Kelsey’s Instagram posts since yesterday, she has been relatively busy unpacking her boxes, setting up her furniture and generally organizing her new apartment. She said despite the long hours, she is still not done yet. Well, there’s no rush Kels, just take your time.

Moving from Chelsea, Kelsey has chosen an epic neighborhood with some amazing people in it. Some of the celebrities that also have apartments in the same neighborhood include Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lawrence, Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Taylor Swift. I guess Tribeca is the place you want to buy an apartment in if you want to be neighbors with these celebrities.