Kelly Brook's Hottest Snaps - No Clothes, Flashing Bum Cheek And Sheer Lingerie

Kelly Brook is among the most famous models in Britain and the world.

Her lucrative modeling career began when she was just 16. Her parents entered her into a beauty contest and she won, which helped launch her hugely successful modeling career.

Recently, she turned 43, and she still looks as youthful as ever.

She has been in several photo shoots for several magazines, tabloids, calendars, and companies in the industry.

Back in 2005, she was voted the Sexiest Woman in the World by FHM. She has also appeared on their sexiest women list since 1998.

Today, she has had a brilliant career as a model, television star, and radio presenter. She is also quite famous for her curvy figure.

As we commemorate her birthday, here are some of her hottest photos.

The Sensual Bedroom Display From 2000

Over two decades ago, Kelly posed during a shoot in London. She had sensual white lingerie, and the photos drove her fans wild.

She made sure her fans saw her beautiful cleavage, and it was clear that the camera absolutely loved her.

In the photo, she was lying in bed on blue silk sheets. Her flowing hair rested beautifully under her head.

Her white bra and high-waist briefs had a perfect contrast with the blue sheets.

A "Cheeky" Display

Kelly risked having a wardrobe malfunction to show off her toned legs and luscious cheeks while on the red carpet.

Her outfit was simply sizzling as she attended the premiere of Snatch in the UK back in 2000.

The gorgeous model also decided to go braless, and it seemed like she gave her knickers a pass as well. Her look was both daring and classy, and it once again put her amazing physique on full display.

To make sure her fans got a peek at her cheek, she posed for the cameras with her back facing the photographers.

The Full Frontal

For this photo, Kelly went completely nude for one of her sexiest shoots ever. All she had on were a pair of black stilettos.

Her hands rested on her knees, and she looked seductively at the camera. She carefully hid her breasts with her arms, but little was left to the imagination in the daring pose.

Her beautiful flowing hair cascaded down her back as she leaned back to offer a full view of her toned physique. Her flat belly was clearly visible in the bold 1998 photo.

Sensual Bodysuit

Kelly caused quite a stir after she posed for a photo in a scanty bodysuit. Her body and outfit stood out beautifully against her blue background.

Her outfit helped put her curvy and toned body on display. The model's beautiful hair flowed over her shoulder as she showed off her cleavage, toned complexion, and trim waist.

The Queen Of Curves

Kelly is a true advocate of body positivity. She was not afraid to show off her curves in a glittering bikini in a hot outdoor photo.

One of her fans, completely smitten by her appearance, claimed that they wanted nothing more than to embrace her beautiful curves with both hands.

Another claimed that they suddenly started to feel hot after looking at her body.

Recently, Kelly talked about her husband Jeremy Parisi loving a "curvy woman." She opened up during a podcast with Vicky Pattison.

She also said that her boyfriend, 35, was Italian. That meant that he loved large curvy women, which she felt was "always a good thing."

She also had a tip to share with her fans:

"I think your sex life gets better as you get older! You get confident!"

In this gorgeous photo, Kelly was standing on a luxurious boat on the set of Piranha 3D. Her hourglass figure stood out as she posed in her plunging bikini.

She gave her fans a glimpse of her cleavage as she looked into the distance.

One of her fans commended her on her "Amazingly delicious figure."

A different fan told her she was "100% perfect" and went as far as saying that anyone who had a different opinion was simply being jealous.

A different fan simply said "Next Bond Girl" while another described her as "The hottest woman on this planet."