Keanu Reeves Playing With Puppies Is Your New Favorite Thing

John Wick: Chapter 3 star Keanu Reeves, playing with puppies might become your favorite new thing.

For the last 30 years, Keanu Reeves has succeeded to be in our hearts, and he isn't backing down any soon.

And from his press interviews regarding his latest movie John Wick 3, we could claim he's becoming better than ever.

Some of his press rounds include 'playing with puppies' and chitchatting, a session we didn't know we needed so badly.


BuzzFeed managed to get Keanu Reeves to sit down, play with puppies while answering his fan's eager to know questions.

As it turns out, Reeves playing with puppies has become a total aphrodisiac.

And the first question set his ultra-laid-back tone.

One fan asked him of his 'secret for always staying down to earth.' The response is super cute and a top-level dad joke.

He casually replied:


"Well, I mean, gravity."

Before answering the next question, Keanu handled a puppy pee but with a chill attitude. We're all attracted to guys who can handle our little mess.

He was then asked; 'If you could time travel to any period in time, when would it be and why?'

Keanu Replied:

"I always wanted to know — ever since I was growing up — who really wrote the plays of Shakespeare. So I wanna be there at that moment with "Shakespeare" — cause I don't really think it was "Shakespeare." I'm an Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford [guy]. So I'd like to be there in the 1600s "Shakespeare" writing Hamlet."


Another fan was curious about Keanu's character in the upcoming film, Toy Story 4.

And he was happy to reveal:

"I play Duke Kaboom, Canada's greatest stunt man. It was a lot of fun to do that film. It's a cool character, it's a wonderful story, and Pixar is great."

As the puppy session continued, we also learned that Keanu Reaves would visit several other past films. He was asked, 'If you had to live in any of the films you've been in, which one would you choose?'


Keanu Responded:

"Can I visit a bunch of them? I don't want to be in just one era. It's like picking a puppy! I guess eventually you've gotta choose, no, well, you could take them all, so I don't know!"

He also thinks Ted Logan and John Wick would be friends.

When asked about the fight scenes he did in Matrix and John Wick, he replied:

"I did a lot of training, and it was really fun. The Matrix, the first time, was learning Wire and Kung Fu. John Wick was Judo and Jiu-Jitsu, and a lot more gun manipulation, and that was lots and lots and lots [of fun]."


"I love doing action films. I love the training. I love being there as much as I can to create that relationship between the character and the audience."