Keanu Reeves Had To Film Sex Scene With Director's Wife As He Watched

It's possible that Keanu Reeves had an extremely uncomfortable workday when he was required to shoot a sex scene with the spouse of the director.

During that period, the performer was shooting the movie Knock Knock alongside experienced director Eli Roth.

Although many of us might have quit the job, the top-tier celebrity persevered and continued to work, although acknowledging feeling slightly uncomfortable on the set.

If you haven't watched the 2015 suspenseful film, Reeves plays the role of Evan Webber, an architect who spends a night away from his family to concentrate on an upcoming assignment.

As a storm approaches, the dedicated father is unexpectedly visited by two enigmatic young women who arrive at his doorstep amidst heavy rainfall.

Incapable of turning them down, he discovers himself irresistibly attracted to the unknown visitors and eventually succumbs to their seduction.

Subsequently, the man devoted to his family is thrust into a dangerous game of pursuit and evasion as the women turn against him.

Featuring Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas as the lethal unknowns, Knock Knock could have been a straightforward job for an experienced actor such as Reeves.

Nonetheless, Izzo, who was Roth's spouse at the time (they separated in 2019), understandably made Reeves feel uneasy as he had to perform intimate scenes with his friend's partner.

During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actor attempted to downplay the awkward scenario.

When inquired whether the scene was more uncomfortable than usual, the top-tier celebrity made a jest: "Not for me Jimmy."

Nevertheless, the John Wick luminary acknowledged that he frequently found intimate scenes to be uncomfortable, but had collaborated closely with his director and friend to alleviate any inadvertent discomfort.

However, as Reeves clarified, this still did not completely resolve the issue: "Eli created a great situation of trust and rehearsals, but eventually you have to get naked and simulate and do…"

In a spooky tone, he quipped: "I wasn't that guy who was like, 'Hey Eli your wife is hot'…you know like every day like, 'I can't wait for this sex scene Lorenza looks amazing today'."

Demonstrating that he is the quintessential gentleman of Hollywood, Reeves proceeded to express gratitude towards the director and producers for their assistance during the uncomfortable filming.

The performer of Cyberpunk 2077 turned red-faced as he confessed to the audience: "[Roth] was really cool. We had fun."

Fortunately, it appears that the incident did not ruin their friendship.

In reality, Roth was delighted to astonish the viewers with the scene and even informed the media at that time: "I want people to come out of this movie going, 'Oh my God, I completely didn't expect it to go there.'"