Kayakers Captured Horrifying Footage Of Their Friend Being Ambushed And Fatally Attacked By A "Man-eater" Crocodile


Two exceptional kayakers recorded the horrifying scene as their companion was pulled beneath the water's depths and devoured by a colossal 15-foot crocodile.

In 2010, American duo Chris Korbulic and Ben Stookesberry embarked on a kayaking expedition along the Lukuga River in the Congo, accompanied by their South African friend, Hendri Coetzee. Tragically, during their journey, they witnessed Coetzee being forcefully snatched by a predatory creature from his kayak.

Witness the chilling footage capturing the duo's profound shock in response to the terrifying assault on Coetzee here:

"I glanced over and just in my periphery I saw the crocodile come out of the water, and he got onto Hendri's left side - just the left shoulder with its mouth," a shocked Korbulic explained at the time.

The trio had not ventured into the waters infested with crocodiles without proper preparation.

Renowned for their kayaking skills, the group consisted of world-class kayakers. The surviving American duo had joined forces with their ill-fated companion, aiming to achieve the unprecedented feat of conquering the perilous whitewater rapids of the Lukuga River.

Maintaining a tight formation to mitigate encounters with hazardous creatures such as hippos and, naturally, crocodiles, the trio remained in close proximity as they journeyed downstream. Shockingly, the semiaquatic reptile seized the opportunity to strike when the group was only "four or five" feet apart, resulting in a tragic outcome.

Korbulic told the Associated Press back in 2010: "The crocodile just pulled him right underwater. I think we both were just in complete shock and disbelief, and absolutely horrified at what had just happened."

On December 7th, Coetzee was abruptly taken from his kayak. Prior to this incident, the group had only encountered three small crocodiles, measuring approximately three feet in length.

Navigating a waterway roughly 100 feet wide, the trio positioned themselves strategically: Coetzee occupied the central position, Stookesberry took the lead on the left, and Korbulic followed closely behind.

As Coetzee's kayak overturned, Stookesberry and Korbulic helplessly observed for 20 seconds as the boat trembled while the crocodile forcibly seized Coetzee from the cockpit.

Realizing their inability to provide assistance, the two American kayakers swiftly paddled downstream to a nearby village. There, the local residents informed them that the crocodile in question was estimated to be around 15 feet in length and weighed approximately two tonnes.

Shortly after the attack, Coetzee's kayak drifted by and was retrieved from the water by the villagers. Surprisingly, the kayak remained completely unscathed, without even a scratch.

Despite extensive efforts, Coetzee's body has never been recovered.

The National Geographic documentary titled "Man-Eater of The Congo" narrated the tragic account of Coetzee's demise in 2013.

The documentary, "Man-Eater of The Congo," featured footage capturing the incident when Coetzee was attacked. However, the actual moment of the crocodile's attack was not shown in the footage.

Upon reaching a nearby village shortly after the harrowing incident, Korbulic and Stookesberry, visibly shaken, can be observed urgently calling for assistance. Stookesberry, in a distressed state, can be heard saying: "This is Ben, can you hear me? We've had a terrible accident here. Hendri just got taken by a crocodile."