Katy Perry Says Her Move To Kentucky Reminded Her That "Hollywood Isn't America"

Katy Perry has shared about her recent life in Kentucky, stating that it has been an "incredible experience" which has shown her that "Hollywood is not America."

In a sense, Hollywood is indeed a part of America since it is located within the United States of America.

We might be nitpicking here, but it's likely that she simply means relocating from the bustling celebrity hub to a more peaceful place.

It can be assumed that she is also indicating that there is more to America than just the busy and sunny region of California, but residing there can sometimes cause one to overlook this fact.

This is why Perry, who has a young daughter with her fiancé Orlando Bloom, relocated from Los Angeles to Kentucky.

During a recent interview on Chelsea Handler's podcast, "Dear Chelsea," the 38-year-old singer expressed that her relocation has been a truly remarkable experience and that shifting to a new "bubble" outside of Los Angeles has been beneficial for her.

She told Handler: "I'm living, like, in Kentucky and I have for almost a month now and that's quite an amazing experience,

"Because it reminds you that Hollywood is not America."

Leaving Los Angeles has assisted her in comprehending people better, and it has made her recognize that it can be enjoyable to venture outside of one's typical routine and perception of reality.

After settling into her new residence, Perry mentioned that she now resides in a "bubble" that is entirely distinct from Hollywood, in every way.

Handler inquired about Perry's upbringing, given that she grew up in a highly religious family, and this new experience might be a departure for her.

"You've been in different bubbles, because you grew up in a bubble," she said.

"You grew up super religious and that's one bubble. Then you came into this industry, that's another bubble. Right?"

Perry responded: "Right, it's an anthropology study of humans."

In addition to her relocation to Kentucky being a triumph, Perry considers her choice to start a family as the greatest decision she has ever made in her life.

Although she did not feel particularly "maternal" when she was younger, Perry shared that observing Bloom's interactions with his son Flynn, whom he shares with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr, was the impetus behind her decision to have children of her own.

"Something inside of me said, 'You, mid-30s, this man is nice. Must breed,'" she said.

"My daughter has reshaped my life, my perspective, and given me a love I've never had before."

Her relationship with Bloom has had its share of highs and lows.

They entered into a relationship in 2016, ended things in 2017, then reconciled and revealed their engagement in 2019.

Perry provided guidance to a listener by offering advice: "Your partner usually sees your best and a lot of your worst sides because they're there to be your mirrors."

"And we love it because it just keeps us in tune and the resentment can get really strong when you're both working hard and, god bless, successful people in the spotlight."

She states that their goal now is to lead a "normal" life and raise their child, and they have received assistance from couples' therapy during the process.