Katy Perry Left In Tears By School Shooting Survivor's American Idol Audition

After an American Idol audition by a school shooting survivor, Katy Perry was brought to tears and delivered an impassioned speech.

On Sunday (February 26), the 21-year-old contestant appeared before the panel of judges consisting of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. The judges were evaluating contestants for their performance on the show 'Dark Horse'.

During the audition, Trey Louis, who works as a mattress salesman, performed a moving rendition of Whiskey Myers' song 'Stone'. His performance stirred up an emotional reaction from the judges' panel.

However, when Trey disclosed his motivations for participating in the program, the judges appeared visibly upset.

In addition to admiring the performers who succeed on the program, the 21-year-old mentioned that he hails from Santa Fe, Texas.

Unfortunately, he was present at Santa Fe High School in May 2018 when a gunman carried out a shooting, resulting in the deaths of ten individuals, comprising eight students and two teachers.

"I was in art room one, and he shot up art room two before he made his way to art room one," said Trey.

"I lost a lot of friends. Eight students were killed, two teachers were killed, and it's just really been negative. Santa Fe's had a bad rep here since 2018."

As the young man became upset from having to recall the traumatic event, Bryan intervened to provide words of encouragement.

"You just got the perfect voice," he said. "You sang from the right spot. You just let it come out of your heart, and that's what we love around here."

After a brief period of silence, Perry lowered her head into her hands and wept before resuming her composure and delivering a fervent speech.

"Our country has f***ing failed us," she screamed, to which Trey said, "Facts."

"This is not okay. You should be singing here because you love music. Not because you had to go through that f***ing bulls***. You don't have to lose eight friends," she continued.

"I hope that you remind people we have to change. Because, you know what, I'm scared too."

The judges consoled her while Trey spoke: "It's terrible Katy, it's horrible."

It can be affirmed that the American Idol contestant deeply affected the judges with his story, as all three judges granted him a 'yes' to advance to the next round.

Trey's performance also stirred the emotions of the viewers at home, as evidenced by one individual's comment: "The amount of trauma these students went through is horrific. No one should have to experience that."

"Rooting for you Trey! You will be the change we all need."

Another said: "His strength is phenomenal, he was 16 when that tragedy happened, he lived through that and carries that and yet has the strength to comfort Katy, to smile, to exude an infectious joy."

"My heart goes out to him and all those who have lived the reality that he has lived."