Katy Perry Goes Topless On Instagram (Graphic)


Katy Perry has never been one to shy away from the barely there outfits.

The singer and Orlando Bloom's partner is innovative in her music and her Instagram posts.

While presenting a new wig, Katy went topless, so we are certain no one even noticed her new hair.

The brunette beauty showed cleavage, and though she did not bare it all, she posted enough to tease the imagination of her fans.

Katy compiled a series of four photos and captioned them with, "let it burn, baby."

One shows her topless from the back. The second one is all about the hair since it covers her cleavage. The third photo is exciting, as Katy is wearing a see-through metallic top.

Finally, we have Bloom's gal all ready to paint the town red.

Here's the whole post. Pick the one you think shows Katy's assets the best!

Here are some more of Katy's extraordinary, breathtaking editions since our gal is anything but shy.

The yummy mommy is not just a singer. She is also a shoe designer and a fashion chameleon.

She is Miss Clause when she is not a biker babe:

Orlando has his hands busy:

Speaking of Bloom, Katy was married to a fellow Brit, Russell Brand.

Katy loves the Brits and they love her. It is easy to see why!

She is a hottie!

No wonder she is smiling:

Fans love Katy:

Every part of her has its fan page:

Yes, this is all natural.