Katie Price's Younger Sister Makes TV Debut And People Can't Believe They're Related

Katie Price’s Younger Sister Makes Tv Debut And People Can’t Believe They’re Related

After seeing Katie Price's younger sister, people have a problem believing that the two are siblings. The young woman was spotted while making her TV debut.

The two appeared together on Good Morning Britain while talking about a new baby line.

Sophie, Katie's younger sister, previously led a more private life than her older and more famous sibling. She is 32, and people could not believe that she was even related to Katie Price.

Katie is 11 years older than her younger sister, and Susanna Reid commented that they looked as different as chalk and cheese. However, despite their apparent differences, the two are actually very close to each other.

Sophie was asked what people usually ask about her sister Katie, but she confessed that she never lets many people know that she is related to Katie. She explained that this had nothing to do with her thinking that there was something wrong with her older, more famous sister.

Sophie prefers to live a quiet life, unlike her older sister, who is a reality star.

Katie talked about how her fame often affects her family. She admitted that her family often received 'backlash' after headlines were written about her.

Apparently, she may act like it does not bother her, but her family knows how big of an impact such headlines can have on them.

According to Katie, Sophie is "very brainy." As it turns out, Sophie has a master's in history.

However, Sophie does not like being seen as a brainiac, especially because her sister Katie likes to call her a geek.

Ironically, Sophie said that she sees Katie as a geek due to her love for the Antiques Roadshow.

Sophie also confessed that she faced bullying in school simply because she was Katie's sister. Girls often told her nasty things: "you know what girls can be like," she explained.

Although the two sisters have the same mother, they have different fathers. As kids, they stayed in the same bedroom.

When they were younger, Katie was apparently 'obsessed' with Sophie. As the two sisters grew older, Sophie used to take Katie's shoes, clothes, and makeup.

Katie has had plastic surgery. However, Sophie claims that the procedure is "not for her."

Even so, Katie has claimed that her sister is very naturally beautiful.

It is evident how close Katie and Sophie are. Still, people are having a hard time believing that the two sisters are related.

A fan expressed their admiration for this special relationship while also pointing out that the two sisters are very different although they are very close.

According to another commenter, people should not use the words half-brother or half-sister unless the people being referenced actually chose to use these terms.

A third simply said: "Quelle surprise."

The two sisters have a clothing line known as Little Pricey Clothing, and it will be launched shortly. The fashion line will focus on 'timeless clothing' for babies between 0 and 18 months.