Kate Middleton Gives An Up-Close Look At Diana's Engagement Ring While Revealing Her Next Trip

Kate Middleton Gives An Up-close Look At Diana's Engagement Ring While Revealing Her Next Trip

Kate Middleton has been quite a spirited advocate for kids, and this time, she will be taking her campaign overseas. The Duchess of Cambridge celebrated her 40th birthday last month, and Denmark will be her next destination.

She is promoting her Early Year Foundation.

The trip will take place on February 22 and 23. She created a Danish flag using LEGO bricks on a social media post as a way to convey the message.

The Duchess couldn't have picked a better way to reveal her next destination as the LEGO toy originated in Denmark.

On the two days she will be visiting Denmark, she will get an opportunity to learn more about the field. The Kensington Palace has described the country as a "beacon of best practice" for Early Years.

She signed the creation with a "C" to represent her name and "På snarligt gensyn," which means "see you soon."

In the video, fans also got a chance to look at the ring she got from Prince William. Diana, his mother, previously owned the ring.

The ring has halo diamonds in a setting of 18-karat gold. The ring also has a 12-karat oval blue sapphire from Sri Lanka.

Once she gets to Denmark, she will be hosted by Queen Margrethe II, who celebrates a Jubilee later this year. As she promotes her foundation, the Duchess will be joined by Princess Mary, who is celebrating her 50th birthday this weekend.

This will be the second time she has visited Denmark. The first time she was there was over a decade ago, in 2011, soon after she married Prince William.

Nevertheless, this will be the first time her foundations' work will have taken her to a foreign country.

The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood focuses on increasing awareness and promoting the best work for children aged 0 to 5 years and their carers.

In Denmark, Kate will try to learn how Denmark is creating an enabling environment for early childhood development, especially with regard to how it handles infant mental and physical wellbeing.

She will also learn how the country utilizes the power of nature, relationships, and playful learning during their first five years of life.

The palace confirmed that the Duchess was eager to visit the country and learn from its people and continue to promote the close relationship the two countries already share.

While in Denmark, the Duchess hopes to find innovative initiatives and projects that offer children support during their growth, especially when it comes to social and emotional development. She also hopes to learn how the kids' parents are supported, as well as their carers and the communities around them.

Among the people Kate will meet while there are children and families, top researchers, representatives from academia, and people working in early childhood.

The visit will also help highlight the U.K.'s relationship with Denmark and celebrate the joint Jubilees the countries will have later in the year. Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate 70 years of being on the throne, and Margrethe II will celebrate 50 years of being the Danish monarch.

Kate and William went on a royal tour abroad in March 2020 when they went to Ireland. That was before the coronavirus pandemic resulted in widespread travel restrictions.

On February 10, Prince William will visit Dubai, which will be his first official trip to the United Arab Emirates.