Kate Hudson Reveals She’s Raising Her Daughter Genderless

We live in a world where hearing about a pregnant transgender man is nothing to be shocked about. And it makes us question, is there a way we can make improvements to the way we raise kids today?

Even as you ponder this question, young couples raise their kids without forcing some gender stereotype or another down their throats. There is no “pink” or “blue” in this new parenting frontier. Both choices are correct despite the child’s gender.

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If you think this might be a little crazy, then know that science actually supports what these new-age parents are doing.

But it’s totally understandable why some people might be skeptical about this parenting approach. One important question to answer is – won’t raising children genderless confuse or damage them?

Whatever the case, what has recently caught our attention in this movement is that Kate Hudson has chosen to raise her daughter, Rani Rose, genderless.

And to some extent, this parenting style does make sense.

For instance, it means that such kids will not be stopped from playing with certain toys because they are meant for another gender. The kids can also dress in whatever kind of clothes they like.

But Kate Hudson is hardly the only celebrity parent to go for this parenting style. Paloma Faith has done something similar. Jon Lewis plans to follow suit.

And science is on their side. According to the Journal of Adolescent Health, strict gender expectations can increase the risk of suffering from mental and physical health issues during adolescent years and even adulthood.

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That is not the only study supporting this idea. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology has proved that children in a gender-neutral Swedish kindergarten could access more opportunities, and that means they will have increased chances of success as adults.

Another study followed a number of children and tried to see how various parenting perspectives affected them.

In general, the physical and psychological differences between men and women cannot be ignored – they exist, and they matter a big deal.

At the same time, parents mustn’t impose too strict a set of behaviors their children should follow based on their gender.

In other words, environments need to be more permissive to avoid extremes since that is how problems start.

Even in the genderless method, it is possible to push the extreme to the point where a child cannot have a proper gender identity.

But at the end of the day, kids do not care about societal stereotypes. What they like the most is to emulate their parents. That is why they like playing with toy cars, “cooking” in their mini kitchens, and so forth, because that is what they see adults do.

Currently, Kate Hudson has no idea if her daughter will identify as male or female. Having raised two boys in the past, Kate admits that she can definitely see a difference. The girl, apparently, is full of feminine energy.

And it is not just celebrities who are doing this. Regular American families are raising their kids as gender-neutral as well.

Not everyone thinks this is the way to go. But then we have science telling us those doing it might be on to something.