Kat Von D Shows Off 'Blackout' Tattoo Sleeve

kat von d shows off ‘blackout’ tattoo sleeve

Kat Von D is among the most famous tattoo artists in the world. Very few people in the profession come close.

The artist has faced lots of controversies lately. However, that does not mean we can forget the artistic talent that put her in the limelight in the first place.

kat von d shows off 'blackout' tattoo sleeve

In May, Kat sent an Instagram post that suggested that she might be an anti-vaxxer.

kat von d shows off 'blackout' tattoo sleeve

At the time this happened, her previous controversy had not even died off yet. She was getting criticized by people who believed she was Anti-Semitic.

She had signed an 8x10 head shot of herself with racial slurs and it appeared online.

kat von d shows off 'blackout' tattoo sleeve

She had to make a video explaining that she was neither a Nazi or an anti-vaxxer.

In the video, she started off by discussing her "Miami Ink" days when a male co-star attacked her on account of her success.

kat von d shows off 'blackout' tattoo sleeve

According to Kat Von D, the man attacked her and even forged her signature on the racist photo.

She went on to claim that he made sure the media knew about the photo since she was about to get her own spinoff show, "L.A. Ink."

kat von d shows off 'blackout' tattoo sleeve

As far as she was concerned, the accusations against her were "extremely offensive and super hurtful."

After that, she had to explain that she had nothing against vaccinations.

kat von d shows off 'blackout' tattoo sleeve

She explained that she was a first-time mother, not an anti-vaxxer.

"I read everything, from ingredients in food to cleaning supplies and medicines."

kat von d shows off 'blackout' tattoo sleeve

Apparently, after she did research and read more about the medicines, she "experienced some hesitancy."

Kat went on to claim that if she knew that so many people would have felt let down by her statement, she would have kept it to herself.

kat von d shows off 'blackout' tattoo sleeve

After the incident, she says she now talks to a pediatrician and hears what he has to say.

The artist has now learned her lesson:

"I am choosing not to make our decision – or any of our baby's health records – public."

Since the controversies, the famous tattoo artist has decided to focus on her line of cosmetics and her son, Leafar.

kat von d shows off 'blackout' tattoo sleeve

Of course, she will always focus on her job as a tattoo artist.

In fact, she recently shared a photo of a blackout-style tattoo with her millions of Instagram followers.

In the post, she wrote that she was "so in love" with her new black-out arm tattoo.

She was quite impressed by the artist who did the tattoo job on her, @hoode215:

"Can't believe it only took him 1.5 hours – and it's the most consistent, true black I have ever seen!"

The tattooing style involves filling large portions of the skin with black ink.

kat von d shows off 'blackout' tattoo sleeve

Apparently, she chose the tattoo as a way to get rid of some old "crappy" tattoos. She has since deleted the post in which she made this confession.

"Having it all blacked out so beautifully looks so clean and smooth and I love that!"

kat von d shows off 'blackout' tattoo sleeve

She also had something to say to those who didn't like her new tattoo:

"PS. It's all good if you don't like my tattoo, because I do!"

However, although she claimed not to care about the criticism she was getting, she found it necessary to post another message to address the hate she was seeing over her blackout tattoo.

kat von d shows off 'blackout' tattoo sleeve

"Having been in the tattoo industry for the greater part of my life, I've seen countless tattoos of all types and styles – but NEVER have I felt inspired to tell anyone 'that's ugly' or 'you're stupid.' Tattoos are funny in the sense that ultimately it is one of the most intimately personal things we can do for ourselves."

She went on to explain that although tattoos are very explicit, they aren't for anyone other than the owner.

kat von d shows off 'blackout' tattoo sleeve

Still, she went on to explain that she loved sharing certain aspects of her life with the world, "especially when it involves something/someone that inspires me."

Kat cautioned that her willingness to share her experiences should not be considered an invitation for people to be negative about them.

She explained that although she blacked out a large section of old crappy tattoos on her arm, she loved how simple and clean her new tattoo was.

kat von d shows off 'blackout' tattoo sleeve

With that, she had a few responses to some of the comments she was reading on her account.

First of all, she argued that it did not matter if people didn't like the way her arm looks.

Kat also explained that it was not bad for her health since a tattoo that is done right does not get past the second dermis layer of the skin. The artist explained that during the healing process, excess pigment is filtered out through the pores on the skin.

She also reassured people that professional-grade tattoo pigments have no lead, plastics, and toxins in them. Apparently, you can even find vegan-friendly tattoo pigments these days, and they work just as well.

She also addressed the concern that her blackout tattoo was a lazy attempt to cover up a bad tattoo. Kat explained that it takes extreme skill to create a great-looking blackout tattoo.

With that, she reminded those saying that the tattoo looked 'ugly' or 'horrible' that beauty is very subjective and that someone's dream tattoo is another person's nightmare.

She also went to the length of sharing other blackout tattoos done by the guy who did her own.

She insisted that the blackout tattoos were simplistic even to someone who would never get them.

kat von d shows off 'blackout' tattoo sleeve

Anyway, what are your thoughts on Kat's new tattoo?