'Karens' Decked Out In Tactical Gear Destroy School Children's Wall Of Art Supporting BLM

‘karens’ Decked Out In Tactical Gear Destroy School Children’s Wall Of Art Supporting Blm

A Group of Karens showed up at school with guns to tear down and steal children's BLM artwork.

The women wearing tactical gear destroyed student's Black Lives Matter artworks outside Cottonwood School of Civics and Science in Portland, Oregon.

And a mom, Mindy King, who happens to live in an apartment just across the street from the school, filmed the incident.

'karen' decked out in tactical gear destroys school children's wall of art supporting blm

The video begins with an argument between the videographer and one of the women, dubbed 'Tactical Karen' on the 'Public Freakout' subReddit.

The woman rips down taped artwork and using pliers to cut the zip-ties on others while arguing with the videographer.

Seeming excited about her actions, the Karen says:

I feel bad for your children that you would teach them s**t like this.

She then walks away.

Focusing the camera on the ruined artwork, the videographer then addressed another woman in the group.

Despite Mindy's pleas for the women to stop—or at the very least not steal the kids' signs—they ripped it all down and took off.

Sharing the disturbing footage on social media, Mindy said:

This is hard to experience.

So much hate in the world. They showed up on my front doorstep today with hate and openly carried weapons!

I may not have been able to stop it, but I couldn't stay silent!

Mindy told Scary Mommy about her terrifying experience that day.

She said:

My kids have gone to school there for 8 years, one child every year for the last 8 years.

Mindy also explained it was her son who first looked out the window and witnessed the 'Karens' ripping down children's artwork.

She shared:

My son said, 'something is going on outside mom,' so I went to look and saw trucks full of people pull up.

There were Trump flags on the trucks, and we saw them pulling out actual large weapons, long guns, handguns in holsters.

It was terrifying to see during the day.

'karen' decked out in tactical gear destroys school children's wall of art supporting blm

And social media users had a lot to say about the video.

One netizen said:

Imagine being so intimidated by children's art that you need to take action against them.

Another wrote:

Imagine hating black people so much you vandalize a school.

While someone else said:

The woman filming is a hero. She never once insults or loses her cool. She remains factual and accountable for her actions while simply filming.

These a**hats want a confrontation – I mean, they are tearing down the artwork of children in broad daylight. They are itching for a fight.

This woman robbed them of the opportunity and documented the stupidity all in one fell swoop.

After the video circulated online, members of the Portland community gathered to support the kids at the school with new artworks.

'karen' decked out in tactical gear destroys school children's wall of art supporting blm

The school officials also slammed the incident.

They said:

[Cottonwood School] stands in solidarity with our Black families.

Our goal is to nurture compassionate and confident students who possess the skills needed to confront racism in our community and beyond.

We are committed to fighting systemic racism, especially within our schools and neighborhoods. We strive to model humility and non-violence for our children.