Kanye West Drops Out Of Race After Elon Musk Offers Him Position As President Of Mars

kanye west drops out of race after elon musk offers him position as president of mars

Rather than fight for a chance to get the common job of being an earthly president, Elon Musk has offered Kanye West an opportunity to become the president of Mars.

After the offer, which convinced West to drop out of the presidential race, the controversial rapper had this to say:

"America is great and all, but being president of Mars would be the greatest of all time."

Musk also spoke regarding the rapper's decision. He admitted to having had a conversation with him in which he challenged him to aim higher and "shoot for the stars."

Kanye West did just that and put aside his earthly ambition of becoming the American president and instead put his hopes on becoming a Martian president.

According to Musk, Kanye more than deserves the honor. The tech billionaire was glad that the politically-inclined singer quickly realized that being a president on this planet is well beneath him:

"Kanye has way more potential than just being president of America. Frankly, being president of the U.S. is beneath him. Mars is where it's at. It will be way better than any government on this planet."

Afterwards, Kanye West showed Elon Musk some crude drawings of a rocket ship designed to go to Mars. He had drawn it in his spare time, and had called it the Yeezymobile.

Apparently, the spacecraft is made of "space metal" and will run on Chick-fil-A peanut oil, making it "100% environmentally friendly."

Yeezemobile also featured a big fin on the back, that according to West adds "1,000 horsepower."

Musk was quite impressed by the drawing: "I love this guy's enthusiasm."

However, he admitted that a few changes to the design were necessary to make the craft "obey the laws of physics." All in all, he described the work as "a great start."

Musk also had a question about the two occupants in the front of the craft:

"Hey, who are those two stick figures in the front?"

West was ready with the answer:

"That's me and you, Musk. Me and you."

Then, after putting his arm around his buddy, West looked up and said contemplatively:

"We are gonna be kings of the universe, my friend. The kings of the universe."

Just like that, Kanye was done with running for U.S. president and turned into one of the biggest crusaders for Martian life. I wonder how fellow Martians will feel about having Kanye West for president.