Kanye West And His 'Wife' Removed From Boat For Inappropriate Behavior

Celebrities are often pursued relentlessly by paparazzi and other hounding individuals. Unfortunately, at times, they may invite such situations themselves.

Recently, Bianca Censori, Kanye West's love interest, was spotted in Italy wearing an unusual outfit. She had a pillow covering her revealing attire.


The incident occurred on a boat in Venice. They were charged with indecent exposure after he exposed his backside, and she was seen kneeling in front of him.

The boat's captain was busy navigating and didn't witness the incident. However, he stated that they would have been immediately removed if he had been aware. Following the incident, Venezia Turismo Motoscafi, the boat company, issued a statement declaring them unwelcome on future trips.


A source from the Venice police stated, "There are standards of public decorum that have to be followed by tourists and locals alike and any breaches are severely punished. The images of West with his trousers down while in a taxi as he and his partner crossed the lagoon were seen all over the globe."


The police source mentioned that the offense is under investigation, and there are penalties for such behavior.


After the controversy, Bianca was seen in Florence wearing the pillow, which left many people puzzled. She donned a spaghetti strap bodysuit with sheer beige stockings, and the cushion concealed her upper body.

Throughout the day, she kept the pillow over her body, even while shopping. Some sources claimed she had changed her attire by the evening.