Kanye Reportedly Feels Disrespected By Kim & Pete's Vacation Venue

Kanye Reportedly Feels Disrespected By Kim & Pete's Vacation Venue

Kanye West has an issue with the destination his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her new lover, Pete Davidson, have chosen to spend their first vacation together. In fact, the rapper feels disrespected.

The Keeping up with the Kardashians star has been seeing Pete Davidson for a few months now, and they recently flew off to enjoy a romantic getaway in the Bahamas.

There were no signs that things between them were getting so serious when the year started. After all, Kim was at home babysitting her kids while Pete was in Miami at a New Year's Eve party, co-hosting the event beside Miley Cyrus.

It has since become apparent that Kim wished she was with her new lover in Miami as the year started. Kanye apparently ruined these plans after saying he would not be available to babysit the kids while Kim was away.

The rapper was also in Miami, but the only reason he was there was to foil his ex-wife's plan to spend quality time with her new catch.

Kanye Reportedly Feels Disrespected By Kim & Pete's Vacation Venue

Kanye West has made it very clear that he wants to get his wife back. His efforts have so far been unsuccessful, and Kim has made it pretty clear that the option is entirely off the table.

This might be partly why she is so keen to make sure he understands that she now has Pete in her life.

Their recent trip together seems to have been particularly hard on Kanye, who is at a loss to understand why she would take Pete to Baker's Bay in the Bahamas for their first vacation together. This happens to be the place she took him some years back as he was celebrating his 40th birthday.

Therefore, the fact that she would take her new lover to a place that is so dear to him feels quite disrespectful.

Even though the rapper is also moving on and is currently dating Julia Fox, his ex-wife's decision seems to have rubbed him the wrong way.

Obviously, Kanye shouldn't be so concerned about his ex's love life, especially at a time when he is in another relationship. At this point, their fans can only hope that the two stars can find it in their hearts to move on with their lives without any drama.