Justin Bieber's Priest Transformation Has Fans In Awe

Justin Bieber's Priest Transformation Has Fans In Awe

Justin Bieber's fans were dumbfounded after seeing his new look during Balenciaga's AW22 collection. The popular singer looked completely different in a long peculiar outfit.

Bieber was wearing long black garments similar to those worn by monks. In fact, he also had a set of keys on his neck.

During the last installation of the event, Bieber had casual sportswear. Therefore, he looked a lot more different this year.

Justin Bieber's Priest Transformation Has Fans In Awe

He shared the picture with a comment saying, "It's fashion darling." The 27-year-old tagged Balenciaga in the photo.

The Holy singer put all questions about his fashion choices to rest with the post. Some people would have thought he had joined a monastery.

The moment has caused quite a buzz, and they have since started calling him "Father Biebs" due to the picture.

Sam Tompkins commented, "This is the boss you have to face at the end of the ultimate Swaglord Olympic Games."

According to a fan, what Bieber wore proved that he was a fashion icon.

Some fans were not too thrilled with the look, which turns out to be part of Balenciaga's The Lost Tape/The Show That Never Happened collection for AW22.

One of the fans, unimpressed by the outfit, claimed that Bieber looked like someone about to start a cult. Another thought all he had done was wrap himself in a blanket and call it fashion.

Typically, Bieber likes to wear bright clothes.

He was wearing was an "Engineered Coat" and completed the look with a pair of "Trooper Boots."