Justin And Hailey Are In Love And Happily Married, It Was Not Easy

Justin Bieber claims he is a changed man. That now that he is a married man, a life of blatant excesses and late nights of partying are all behind him. At the moment, his marriage is his greatest priority. He has slipped into a regular routine expected of a man who has to get home to his wife at the end of every day.

The two got married in the lower Manhattan courthouse in September after a 3-month romance that came after about a decade of friendship. The couple is still working on the last plans for an actual wedding.

But he does admit that trusting people does not come easily to him. There is a constant battle within him that people just want to use him, and that they are not really there for him. In many interviews, he feels that interviewers just want him to say something they can use against him.

And that does not mean he thinks himself a saint.

He has made some poor decisions, and he knows it. The trust issues even affected his relationship with Hailey, but they have been working on it.

Justin's mother and Hailey's father had a friendship that let the two young stars into having a friendship.

The media has often claimed that Hailey was a Belieber (a devoted fan of Justin Bieber), and Hailey has never been happy with the suggestion. She says she was not a superfan, but she did think he was cute. In any case, when they first knew each other, the 3 year age gap they have was more significant than it is at the moment.

Years later, they met at Hillsong, and they started a platonic friendship. But some years back, they dated, and it did not go well. In fact, they still have to deal with the betrayal issues that came up at the time. They could not stand being together after the incident, and he would walk out of a room when she walked in.

Then they met each other again in June 2018 in church. The drama they had been through previously was now in the past. But Justin knew precisely what he wanted, as less than a month later, Justin would propose to Hailey.

The two are polar opposites of each other by many standards. Hailey is described as disciplined, secure, strong, and reliable; while Justin has a reputation for being sensitive, soft, and always wearing his heart on his sleeve. He has even had to use drugs to tame these runaway emotions.

Justin just cares too much, and while that makes him an incredibly good performer, it also makes him quite vulnerable. Even he admits that he is the unstable one in the relationship, and finding peace is not always easy for him. This is why he needs Hailey so much in his life.

In his life, he feels a lot of things are uncertain, but his "baby boo" is a sure thing – he says as he picks up her hand.

Today, Justin is no longer dependent on drugs, although he does drink socially. Hailey had a difficult time when he was dealing with this dark chapter of his life and he only saw the world through the hazy screen of drugs.

The marriage has not been easy, however. Hailey says the first few weeks were lonely for her as she felt homesick. Then there was pressure from social media as millions of people were looking forward to their breakup.

They were oblivious to the struggles she went through with the decision, and how much she prayed about it. She married him out of love, a love that she had towards him for a very long time.

On his part, after a year of self-imposed celibacy, Justin believes God blessed him with Hailey. There were claims the couple married due to Hailey's pregnancy, but they say that it will take a couple of years before that happens.

At the moment, Justin wishes Hailey would stop taking herself so seriously. That she should not be under pressure to be "grown-up." He thinks that marriage can still be fun, and the relationship they share can still be healthy.

He admits the marriage is not a fairy tale story, that there are some challenges along the way. But everything is perfected in love. It might not feel so every day of the marriage, but the moments when it does make it all worth it.

Yes, the two are young and inexperienced, but they are committed to getting through it all as a team. Justin is Hailey's best friend, and he is head over heels for her. As he says, Hailey is his "baby boo."