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Just When You Thought The BlackBerry Was Dead, A 5G One Is In The Works

Just When You Thought The BlackBerry Was Dead, A 5G One Is In The Works

It is confirmed that the brand of mobile phones intended for business people will get another chance.

The QWERTY keyboard, which extends entirely to the lower half of the phone, was perfect for online e-mail communication, making typing much easier and faster and rightly turning the BlackBerry into a business must-have.

Texas startup OnwardMobility has purchased the license for BlackBerry. They intend to offer a smartphone model with an Android operating system, a wholly redesigned QWERTY physical keyboard, and 5G support in 2022.

Other technical details about this device, such as the size of the diagonal screen and hardware components, are unknown. The company says that its most significant advantage will be the emphasis on security. Although they are targeting corporate users who want to make it easier to work outside the office environment during the pandemic, at the same time, they will not compromise on the issue of camera and price, wanting to make the mobile phone desirable for a different audience.

It seems that AtwardMobility intends to sell its smartphone to business users who want to do business on the go as much as possible. However, it can be inferred that this will not be a top model but a more affordable mid-range player.

Just When You Thought The BlackBerry Was Dead, A 5G One Is In The Works

Before Android and iOS devices took the lead in the market, BlackBerry phones were quite popular in the business community.

The stumbled brand has been trying to get back on its feet since 2013, with its own BlackBerry 10 operating system. Two years later, they switched to Android with the BlackBerry Priv model, which had a sliding keyboard.

In 2016, they ultimately suspended their production of mobile phones and licensed it to the Chinese company TCL. That license expired last year on August 31. The permit was also bought by the Indian telecom Optiemus Infracom, which produces devices intended exclusively for the Indian market.

For OnwardMobilitiy smartphones with the BlackBerry name will be produced by FIH Mobile, owned by Chinese giant Foxconn. They should be available in North America and Europe during the first half of this year.