Just Because You Haven't Been On A Date In A While Doesn't Mean Something's Wrong

No matter how hard you try to put yourself out there, it's not feasible to go on dates all the time. There are periods where you simply can't seem to catch a break and end up stuck at home watching Netflix while it appears that everyone else is finding a partner. Although it's frustrating, this is a common experience for everyone. Here's why your dating dry spell isn't the end of the world.

1. It Won't Last Forever

You might be experiencing a strong desire to go on a date at the moment, but don't fret because things will improve. The start of the year might not be the ideal time because individuals may still be recovering from their holiday party hangovers and adjusting to work routines. Don't give up; persevere.

2. It's Happened Before

It's simple to overlook the fact that things appeared smoother in the past when you're unable to secure a date. However, you've likely experienced a dating dry spell in the past when you spent a month swiping and messaging on Tinder and OkCupid but didn't manage to obtain any dates. You survived that period, and you will survive this one as well.

3. You'll Appreciate Future First Dates More

Surprisingly, this is feasible - who would have thought? The benefit of experiencing a dating dry spell is that you'll develop a deeper appreciation for your initial dates once you re-enter the dating scene. You'll understand how challenging it can be to establish something from the start and will be more equitable with guys.

4. You Can't Compete With Your Friends

It can be challenging when it appears that everyone you know is meeting individuals frequently, yet you're spending yet another weekend on the couch. However, recollect a few months back. You were presumably going out on dates every week, while your friends were experiencing their own dating dry spell. It's alright - it's not a competition.

5. It's Not A Race

Individuals are remaining single for more extended periods nowadays, and you need not worry about marriage or your biological clock since you have other crucial matters to occupy your mind. Don't fret over how it seems to be taking a long time to find a partner. That does not imply that it will not happen.

6. No One Has Everything

It's typical for your career to progress rapidly while your dating life lags. Instead of stressing about it, concentrate on the things you do have in your life and have faith that eventually, things will even out. Remember that your best friend has a wonderful boyfriend but has been stuck in a lousy job for years. See? It's all about balance.

7. Dating Is Exhausting

Dating is often associated with attempting to decipher someone else's thoughts and fretting over everything under the sun. Consider your dating dry spell as a cue to relax and take a break. Enjoy the respite from the pressures of dating.

8. You're Dodging A Bullet

Occasionally, the only option is to choose between having a bad date and not having any dates at all. Keep in mind that you may be fortunate to avoid bad dates. You've undoubtedly had your share of them.

9. You Can Keep Trying

There are no set rules for how to approach dating. You can choose to go on ten dates in a month and then take a break for the next few months. The decision is entirely up to you. Hence, avoid stressing and relish the experience.