Just Because I Carry My Burdens Well, It Doesn't Mean They Ain't Heavy

Just Because I Carry My Burdens Well, It Doesn’t Mean They Ain’t Heavy

We look at certain people with quiet admiration or open surprise when they are in deep trouble, and yet, they seem to not have a chip on their shoulders. They carry on so well as if problems do not exist and they are above the difficulties of a situation.

If we were in the same boat, we would be on our wit's end, but they seem unperturbed. It is mystifying how some people deal with problems and challenges better than most. Stress is, however, a part of daily life. It is how we respond to our stresses and challenges that can either make us stronger or break our spirits.

Keeping Up And Moving Forward

What sets strong people apart from the majority?

Stress and problems will not let up as long as we live. We may have come up with a solution for a certain problem before another one or two comes up again. While some people would collapse over an inordinate amount of stress and burden, some come out stronger, wiser, and ready to face any kind of challenge.

Attitude is a big factor in being able to handle stress well. If your tendency or inclination is to wallow in misery and have endless bouts of pity parties, you could be on the way to suffering a nervous breakdown and losing your life to depression and anxiety.

The key is to take a step back to adjust or change your approach to how you'll deal with a situation, so you could keep up and eventually move forward. After taking stock of the difficulties and getting on to solve the issues at hand, you will need to take the lessons with you and move forward.

The Importance Of Empathy

Just because someone carries their problems or burdens well, it does not mean they are not having a difficult time. Whatever invincibility, resoluteness, and strength some people radiate or exude, deep down, they feel the challenge of carrying on with the responsibilities and hardships of life.

The thing that sets them apart to serve as an inspiration or guide for other suffering people is their love for life and the purpose they see behind everything. They take what they can get, be it positive or negative, and learn from it, so they can use their collective and new-found insights to better handle the beatings of life.

When someone seems detached or even happy without a care in the world, it is important for us as a loved one, a friend, or as a neighbor to reach out, listen, and hold someone's hand even for a while, until they are ready again to take up their burdens and carry on as if these burdens do not exist.