Junkyard Joe Comic Series Issue 3: What To Expect And Why You Should Get One


Once again, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank unite for a spin-off comic series from Geiger. The two have a long working history of collaborating on projects to raise awareness of veteran homelessness and the mental toll of war on soldiers. The good thing is that you do not need to follow Geiger to follow Junkyard Joe.

What to Expect from Junkyard Joe

Junkyard Joe is a bit off from the typical Geoff Johns creations. It's more violent, yet it is not violence for violence's sake; each death has resounding consequences for the team. Amidst this violence and anguish, Geoff Johns finds a way to build an emotional core that bears the emotional and psychological aspects. Geoff Johns even gets Joe, the robotic soldier, a human side that cares.

Geoff Johns comments on the series, "Although the first issue of Junkyard Joe is set in the middle of the Vietnam War and depicts graphic violence in the jungles, the majority of the story takes place today. In the present. Ultimately, it's a hopeful, fun, and action-packed comic book, which I think readers will be surprised by, that builds on the next block of the Geigerverse."

The Junkyard Joe comic series is set to be released in October 2022, with proceeds going to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and Veterans Aid. The donation is inspired by Geoff John's grandparents, who served in World War II.

The Plot

The story follows cartoonist Muddy Davis who fights alongside Junkyard Joe, a robotic soldier with a surprisingly human side. The story is set in Geigerverse, where Junkyard Joe kills in a violent and gruesome war. Although set in the Vietnam War, the story is in touch with the present.

Muddy Davis and his platoon, Green, Bumbles, Big Jack, Sarge, Band-Aid, and Matches, get to know more about their squad mate, Junkyard Joe. In the current life, the audience learns that the veterans' lives are not so rosy after the war. They get to see war's emotional, social, and economic toll on soldiers.

Why Should You Get Junkyard Joe

The artwork by Anderson is mature and graphic, bringing violence and emotion with a definitive force. You get to feel the action on the ground and get horrified, sympathetic and emotional. Rob Leigh, the letterer, gives an omniscient presence to the story with detailed observations. Unfortunately, the story ends with a cliff that will make you want to learn more.

Moreover, Geoff Johns had a vision and aim of supporting homeless veterans. What better way to do that than through a comic series set during the Vietnam War? According to estimates, at least 40,000 veterans are homeless at one single point. Homelessness is a source of social stigma for veterans. Although the percentage has been steadily decreasing, more awareness is needed to ensure no veteran ever faces the stigma of homelessness.

In memory of his grandparents, Geoff Johns has committed to giving the proceeds of Junkyard Joe to NCHV and VA to help alleviate the homelessness problem. In addition, for every issue purchase, Geoff John's Mad Ghost Productions will donate $2 to help veterans.

Commenting on the intention to donate part of the proceeds to veteran causes, Gary Frank noted that although soldiers give their time, energy, and life to protect Americans, they often end up alone and isolated. Without a home or family. The two creatives are honored to help raise awareness about veteran homelessness while being creative.

The NCHV is the only organization in America specifically focused on responding to veteran homelessness. They work to shape policy, advocate, collaborate and manage a helpline for homeless veterans. You donate to a homeless veteran when you purchase the Junkyard Joe #3 comic series.