Juicy Messages To Send Your Dates To Get Them Excited To See You

Juicy Messages To Send Your Dates To Get Them Excited To See You

Sending the first text to a love interest can be nerve-wracking. If you're unsure of what to say, try using these suggestions to send flirty messages that will get your date excited to see you again.

1. "Hey, Handsome"

Complimenting someone directly and showing attraction can be effective, but it's important to start slowly. Make sure to introduce yourself and get to know the person before attempting to use pickup lines or show off your personality. To establish a genuine connection, it's helpful to send a few safer messages before getting more flirty or playful. Once you're on a first-name basis, you can start incorporating your more saucy side into your messaging.

2. When You're Stuck, Send An Eggplant Emoji

Using emojis, memes, or playful language can add a spicy and flirtatious element to your messaging. The eggplant emoji is a classic choice for sexting, but you can also try using other emojis or language that feels natural and comfortable to you. Incorporating a sense of humor can also be attractive and show that you're not taking things too seriously. Just be sure to establish a connection and get to know the person before jumping into more explicit or suggestive messaging.

3. "What Are You Doing Tonight, Babe?"

To attract someone through text messaging, the most effective approach is to be confident and direct. Don't be afraid to take the initiative and text them first if you're interested. The key is to be genuine and true to yourself. There's no need to try to follow a specific formula or trick – just communicate openly and honestly.

4. "I Find It So Attractive When…"

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can add excitement and spice to your messaging. If you have a secret fantasy or desire, try sharing it with your crush over text. You can also send provocative pictures if it feels easier than expressing your thoughts in words. The goal is to get their attention and move the conversation into a more playful and flirty dynamic. Embrace what feels sexy and appealing to you, and don't be afraid to be bold and expressive. This can show your date that you're crazy about them and interested in exploring your desires together.

5. "Would You Rather…"

Playing "would you rather" can be a fun and engaging way to get to know your crush. The game can start off innocently and then escalate to more personal or provocative questions, depending on your comfort level and interests. It's a good way to gauge your boundaries and learn more about your crush on both an emotional and physical level. This game is accessible for beginners and can help facilitate more in-depth conversation.

6. "Never Have I Ever…"

Communicating your past experiences can be a useful way to set the tone for future interactions and to give your crush an idea of what you're interested in. While it may seem like a high school party game, discussing your sexual history can also provide insight into your crush's preferences and help you understand what might be appealing to them. This information can be useful for coming up with creative and spicy ideas for future text conversations.

7. Tell Them About All The Ways You're Attracted To Them

Complimenting your crush and being honest about your desires can be a bold and attractive way to generate heat and intimacy in your relationship. Starting phrases with "it was so hot when you..." or "I love it when you..." can be a good way to express your feelings and put your cards on the table. This honesty can boost your crush's confidence and encourage them to respond with compliments of their own. It's a mutually beneficial way to build intimacy and connection through texting.

8. "I Want You To Touch Me"

Being assertive and taking control can be a powerful way to grab your crush's attention through texting. Just make sure the other person is comfortable and willing before proceeding. This can be a highly effective technique for building intimacy and attraction.

9. Tell Them About Your Fantasies

If you're feeling bold and want to explore more explicit or suggestive territory, try telling your crush what you want to do to them in explicit terms. Having a drink can help loosen you up and allow you to be more expressive. This can generate excitement and fantasies for both of you, and if your crush isn't interested, it's better to know through texting than in person. It's important to respect boundaries and make sure everyone is comfortable before proceeding. This is a good opportunity to test out your desires and kinks in a low-risk way.

10. Keep It Clean… Grammatically

A final tip for attracting someone through text is to be mindful of typos and grammar errors. While the content of your message can be flirty or explicit, it's important to present yourself clearly and professionally. Remember that these texts are your first impressions on someone new, so it's worth taking the time to proofread and ensure that you're conveying your intentions and desires clearly. Avoiding mistakes can help you come across as confident and competent, and increase the chances of your message being well-received.