Juggernaut's Weirdest Form Removed His Big Weakness

Juggernaut's Weirdest Form Removed His Big Weakness

X-Men has many villains, but few of them can rival the ruthlessness the formidable Juggernaut can unleash. This evil villain is a favorite among Marvel fans.

Juggernaut started off as Professor Charles Xavier's stepbrother, Cain Marko. From early on, it was clear that he had a dark heart, and it didn't take long for him to prove beyond any doubt that he did not like his brother and future leader of the X-Men.

Marko was always a bully who didn't like Xavier due to his intelligence and success.

His transformation from a bully to a full-blown bad guy was completed after a cave collapsed on him when he grabbed the Ruby of Cyttorak. From there, Marko turned into Juggernaut, one of the top villains in X-Men, thanks to his incredible strength and courage.

One of his most impressive traits is the ability to fight several enemies at the same time. That is why he has the reputation of being "unstoppable."

Still, like every other villain in X-Men, Juggernaut has a weakness. Nonetheless, Exiles #4 removes this weakness, turning him into a more menacing threat for the X-Men.

He came back to raise hell and cause chaos for the X-Men as he has always done. In Exiles #4, the team goes through space and time, and they end up on Blackbeard's pirate ship.

The vessel cannot be burned, blasted, or sunk, then Juggernaut shows up like a boat, his weirdest physical form yet.

Juggernaut's Weirdest Form Removed His Big Weakness

He looks silly for replacing his metallic armor with wooden pranks. Nevertheless, he ends up looking like a genius after he manages to hold off so many heroes.

Traditionally, Juggernaut did not stand a chance once he was removed from the ground. However, in this case, he can easily float in water, which takes care of his famous weakness.

The only weakness that remained and ultimately caused his defeat was his ability to be controlled using a magic book. After the magical device was acquired and thrown into the water by his adversaries, Juggernaut was rendered harmless.

The company is working on various versions of the popular Marvel character from the look of things. Even classical characters are facing a bit of a shake-up.

So, although the Juggernaut is still as unstoppable as ever, he will still be a threat the X-Men can handle even if he gets new powers to overcome his classical shortcomings.