In the new horror sequel Halloween, Judy Greer plays Karen, the daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis’ troubled, PTSD-suffering heroine Laurie Strode. Karen was removed from her mothers home at a young age by child protective services, and at the beginning of the movie, she still has a rough relationship with her mom. In Haddonfield, Illinois Karen stays not far from a psychiatric facility that holds the psycho who almost killed her mother 40 years ago on the night of Halloween — Michael Myers. Laurie believes that it is only a matter of time before Michael Myers strikes again and wreaks havoc on them.

So many seem to ask: Why doesn’t Karen just move to somewhere not so close to the maniac killer who tried to kill her mother?

“I know, that is a good question,” Greer says. “I think probably [because of] Ray [Karen’s husband, played by Toby Huss] and work. And, you know, because her relationship with her mother is so broken, I think that we sometimes, without knowing it, unconsciously stick around to try to repair something like that. I mean, from a psychological point of view, you maybe have the person that is like, ‘F— you, I’m getting out, and don’t call me ever again, I don’t have a mom.’ Or you have the person that fights and kicks and screams, but is never going to give up on getting that relationship right with a parent. Obviously, I think Karen is the second one.”