Weird Story

Journalist Ordered To Leave Prisoner Execution Viewing Because Her 'Skirt Was Too Short'

During the execution of Joe Nathan James Jr. at the William C. Holman Correctional Facility, journalist Ivana Hrynkiew Shatara was instructed to depart from the viewing area because her skirt was deemed too short. Shatara revealed that she had to leave and alter her attire.


1. Ivana Was Left Feeling Embarrassed

Being told that her attire was unsuitable at an execution was a humiliating experience, as one might expect. In response, the journalist, Ivana Hrynkiew Shatara, took to Twitter to share her encounter. Although she had not intended to make it public, someone else who was present "called attention to it," prompting her to address the situation.


2. It Wasn't The First Time Ivana Had Worn The Skirt

Although the journalist, Ivana Hrynkiew Shatara, had worn the same skirt to previous executions, it became an issue during James' execution when a corrections officer disapproved of it. Shatara took to Twitter to express her frustration.

"Tonight, a representative of the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) told me publicly I couldn't view the execution because my skirt was too short. I have worn this skirt to prior executions without incident, to work, professional events, and more and I believe it is more than appropriate," she wrote, adding:


"At 5'7″, and 5'10" with my heels on, I am a tall and long-legged person. I tried to pull my skirt to my hips to make the skirt longer, but was told it was still not appropriate."

3. She Didn't Think She Was Going To Be Able To Do Her Job

As a reporter covering the execution, Ivana's removal from the viewing area due to her attire posed a risk of hindering her ability to perform her job. Fortunately, a considerate photographer from a Birmingham TV station came to her aid. He offered Ivana his waterproof Columbia PFG-style fisherman's wader pants, which the DOC officer deemed an acceptable alternative to her skirt.


4. That Wasn't The End Of The Problem

In addition to her skirt, Ivana was also informed that her shoes were too revealing by the same prison officer. However, she was prepared with a new pair of tennis shoes in her car.

"Despite wearing a pair of waders from a man I have never met and casual tennis shoes, I continued to do my job. This was an uncomfortable situation, and I felt embarrassed to have my body and my clothes questioned in front of a room of people I mostly had never met. I sat down, tried to stop blushing, and did my work. As women often have to do."