Joshua Bassett Unfollows Olivia Rodrigo Ahead Of HSMTMTS Season 3 Filming

Joshua Bassett Unfollows Olivia Rodrigo Ahead Of Hsmtmts Season 3 Filming

The filming of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series' third season is about to start. Still, people can't help but notice that Joshua Bassett has curiously decided to unfollow his costar, Olivia Rodrigo.

The show's filming was set to resume later this month, and many stars from the previous seasons were expected to reprise their roles, including Olivia Rodrigo. She confirmed that she would be back after rumors claimed she had left the show.

She is set to appear alongside Joshua Bassett, but people are wondering how things will turn out now that there are signs of animosity between the two stars.

For quite a while now, fans have believed that the two are part of a love triangle that inspired Rodrigo to write the song Drivers License. Bassett confessed that he had not talked to Rodrigo about a year after the song was released.

His decision to unfollow her on Instagram helped confirm suspicions that the situation had not improved. Bassett has unfollowed his costar shortly before the filming of the third season starts, and fans have noticed the move.

To some people, the decision means nothing since people unfollow each other on social media all the time, but to others, Bassett was wrong to do so.

The decision carries more weight due to the rumors surrounding the two, and it suggests that things might get a little awkward on set when filming starts again later this month.

Since the two started appearing in the series, they have enjoyed many perks. For instance, Rodrigo's album, Sour, proved to be quite popular because she was on the show.

Her song, Drivers License, also ended up topping the charts for several weeks and even boosted interest in the HSMTMTS series.

Bassett's decision could mean a lot of things. Maybe it is a sign that he has moved on and left the messy relationship behind.

All fans of HSMTMTS can hope for at this point is that the two can put aside their differences and continue filming the increasingly popular series as scheduled.

The show is based on the popular Disney movie, High School Musical. The show first appeared on Disney+ in 2019.